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Weekend Makers’ Faire at the Downtown Ice Rink

Shea GuntherMaher

Small Business Saturday offers a perfect reminder to support locally-owned businesses throughout the community and especially in Sacramento’s urban core. This weekend you can #shopsmall at our Makers’ Faire at the Downtown Ice Rink, displaying products by local artists, crafters, and makers in a festive holiday setting.

We’ve teamed up with River City Marketplace to feature a mini Makers’ Faire at the Ice Rink, including hand-crafted jewelry and decor by Tusk and Cardinal, Symbiotic Creations, and Chulatribe.

Chula Tribe

Chula Tribe’s owner Julie McFadden became a  silver smith while traveling in Central and South America over 25 years ago. It began with an old propane torch and a  few tools. Also a collector of rocks, crystals and gemstones Julie was able to combine these hobbies to create her own jewelry line.

chula 1

Chula Tribe consists of bohemian style rings, earrings and necklaces made of sterling silver, bronze or brass with natural gems and crystal, all hand made in her home studio.  Each peice has a sentimental value to Julie and she loves selling her peices so they can turn into someone else’s story. Make sure to stop by her booth both Saturday and Sunday (November 28th and 29th).

chula tribe 3

Symbiotic Creations

Symbiotic Creations is a jewelry line inspired by textures and colors of the oceans and Earth. Maker Jesse Nissen’s main focus is wrap around bracelets, but makes alluring rings, necklaces and earrings as well.

symbiotic 2

Jesse uses an assortment of sea glass, shells, beach stones, gemstones, wood, various metals, leather, and glass to create her one of a kind wearable art pieces. Make sure to stop by her pop up shop this Saturday and Sunday while you enjoy the downtown ice rink. 

symbiotic 3

Tusk and Cardinal

Maker Lindsay Swearingen is a fiber artist who primarily works in embroidery and yarn. Not only does she create incredible wall hangings and hoops, but she also played a large role in creating the brand image for River City Marketplace. Her style is contemporary, modern, and occasionally rustic.

tusk and cardinal 1

Lindsay’s creative process takes time along with meticulous attention to detail. All of her hoops and wall hangings are hand embroidered original designs made from fabric, yarn, embroidery thread, wooden hoops, dowels, and 100% cotton yarn. Don’t forget to stop by her pop-up shop at the Downtown Sacramento Holiday Ice Rink this Saturday, November 28.

tusk and cardinal 2