Beer dinner galore at Dawson’s

Guest Contributor | Kachet Jackson-Henderson, The Lipstick Giraffe

Every time I go to Dawson’s I always end up beating myself up for not dining there more often… because it’s fantastic. Nestled in the ground floor of the Hyatt Regency, Dawson’s has been a mainstay in Downtown Sac for years. Dawson’s prides itself on serving a true farm-to-fork menu and with the relaunch of the beer dinner series, the special menu was no exception. All dreamt up by Executive Chef Jason Poole (not to be confused with Jason Poole of Preservation and Co.) and Sous Chef Brandon Leonard, the Track 7 Beer Dinner was well executed from the beginning to the end.

I had previously experienced a wine dinner at Dawson’s before, but never a beer one. At the wine dinners, you are always welcomed IMG_7768with a glass of sparkling wine and a platter of small bites to enjoy in the bar area before being seated for dinner. With a beer dinner on their hands, the team figured out a great solve with the Buzzerkeley by Calicraft Brewing, a sparkling ale with just enough pizzazz.

Once Chef Brandon gave the group of diners a rundown of what we would be tasting and how the dishes came to be, we were escorted to the dining room to indulge.

The Courses

We kicked off the night with Smoked Arctic Char with Manila clams in beer broth. While I’m a budding beer connoisseur, I was IMG_7803shocked that the Left Eye/Right Eye IPA was paired with the first dish. That was until I tried it! The aromas of citrus in the IPA melded well with the thyme in the broth and it was the perfect pairing with the fish. The thyme beer broth held its own, too, especially once I dipped my chorizo bread in it. Yeah, that happened.

Next we enjoyed a Porcini Rubbed Flat Iron with duck fat fingerling confit, black garlic puree and kale along with Track 7’s Daylight Amber. This pairing was the most predictable to me, but predicable doesn’t mean it wasn’t delectable. The black garlic puree was meant for the flat iron. The porcini flavor was subtle yet an integral part to the dance my tastebuds did when I dipped the steak into the puree. And the duck fat fingerlings? Think the duck fat fries at Lowbrau to the next degree.

Was there room for dessert? Of course.

IMG_7828The Beehive cake was the bee’s knees. The best way for me to describe it is to compare it to baklava, but with an American twist when adding the cream and the bourbon caramel. Everyone at the table ate theirs. Every crumb. Every almond crunch was gone. It was that good. Because I was so engulfed in my dessert, I didn’t drink the Bee Line Blonde along with it and instead enjoyed it as an after dinner drink.

While the creativity of the menu was standout, I really need to emphasize how great the service is consistently at Dawson’s. You are treated like a real celebrity when you dine there, and I’d have to say the customer service is on par with The Kitchen. They go the extra mile and then some to make sure you are happy.

The Verdict

I’d totally go again. In addition to amazing food and delicious beer, I also met great people at my table. While sometimes…. comfort zone, It’s nice to break bread with new people who are just as excited about being there, too. Also, the items that they prepare for you during these special dinners aren’t on the regular menu, so you really only have one time to enjoy them.

Still deciding?

If you’re into beer and you’re a foodie, well, your fantasy just came true!

If you’re into beer but you’re not a foodie, don’t be shy. Beer is approachable and while the food is made of high quality ingredients and plated with care, it’s just as approachable as a burger. I promise.

If you’re not into beer but you would call yourself a foodie, you may want to check out their wine dinner. The pairings may surprise you. With delight!

So, are you in? Look for deets on the next beer dinner that Dawson’s will be serving up here on the Downtown Sac site soon. Cheers!

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