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Who you should see at Concerts in the Park 2024

Marlee Wallace

Concerts in the Park will officially start Friday, May 3! Every Friday until July 26, 2024 enjoy free live music by amazing artists and a really fun night out! Click for full lineup.

We have curated this year to feature different genres every week, so if you’re into reggae or hip hop or punk or indie rock – we have a week for you! Let me give you a better idea of the headliners that’ll be in Cesar Chavez Plaza this summer.

Week 1: Reggae | Headliner: Arden Park Roots

    • Sacramento reggae-rock band with such a loyal audience! I feel like they’re the perfect band to listen to on a sunny Sunday in the backyard or BBQing with friends or a slow drive with the windows down. They’ve played CIP before and always bring such a fun chill energy.

Week 2: EDM | Headliner Felix Cartal

    • A Canadian EDM DJ. He creates EDM music that feels approachable, you don’t have to have gone to EDC and completely understand the PLUR-lifestyle to enjoy his music. It’s fun to bop your head and bounce to!

Week 3: Indie Rock | Headliner: Royel Otis

    • This Australian guitar-pop band is going to be so big. They’re the boy in your high school that decided to start a band and everyone is surprised when they’re mesmerizing! They have they’re own music that’s really good but I recognized their cover of Murder on the Dancefloor, they made it their own and honored the original!

Week 4: Garage Punk | Headliner: Destroy Boys

    • One of our national touring headliners and Sacramento locals, Destroy Boys are as punk rock as their name indicates. Last year they opened for blink-182 on tour and got to play to a full Golden 1 Center! With the heavy guitar and drums, you’re bound to feel their performance through your whole body.

Week 5: Singer/Songwriter | Headliner: Claire Wright

    • When you think of a summer day on a Southern California beach, Claire Wright’s music is playing. She’s got swaying melodies and laidback instrumentals. While she’s a born and raised NorCal girl, she captures that feeling of waking up on warm sand after spending the day in the sun perfectly!

Week 6: Scene | Headliner: Royal Coda

    • When you look up Royal Coda you’ll find they are, “known for their amalgamation of progressive rock, psychedelic rock, and post-hardcore.” Let me translate. They have hypnotic back beat sounds weaved with powerful drums and cool electric guitar, with pop-punk verses and rock choruses. They’re different and cool and you just need to listen.

Week 7: R&B | Headliner: Yelly

    • Yelly is a Sacramento R&B singer with a beautiful voice and a traditional R&B sound. Her music is romantic and sexy. When looking at the playlists her music is on there is a collective theme of sad girls club (when you’re sad or broken hearted but know you’re all that) and chill R&B playlists. Bring your girls and cry at the barricade, you won’t be disappointed.

Week 8: Hip Hop and R&B | Headliner: Christian Kuria

    • Another California Native, Christian Kuria grew up in Vallejo and started touring last year but started releasing music in 2019. In his Spotify bio, he calls himself an “astronaut in a parallel universe,” which fits his music. His take on R&B is ethereal. Gorgeously soft vocals and harmonies with chill well-rounded beats that give you a far away feeling.

Week 9: Americana | Headliner: Michael Marcagi

    • Our biggest headliner of the summer so far is Michael Marcagi (mar-cage-ee). Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, his career trajectory has been compared to Noah Kahan’s. He had a huge TikTok hit, Scared to Start, and is now the #1 Americana up-and-comer. His music is folksy and can be anthem-like, you feel the lyrics and want to throw your head back sing your heart out.

Week 10: Rock | Headliner: MVSSIE

    • MVSSIE (Mass-ee) is someone who I’m personally excited to hear live. She’s angsty and strong with music that embodies “unhinged female rage” (my favorite playlist her music is included in). Her vocals are sick with a wide range, going from soft verses to rockstar belty choruses. If you’re going through hard times or just love rock music, give her a listen.

Week 11: Hip Hop and R&B | Headliner: Kool John

    • YAY AREAAA! Kool John has definite Bay Area rap influence and you will be dancing at this show. Many of his songs are produced and feature fellow The HBK Gang (The Heartbreak Gang) member, P-Lo (who will be performing at AAPI Night Market May 31st). I’m not extremely well-versed in rap and haven’t listened to EVERY Kool John song, but I feel like he’s got a chill rap sound infused with good beats and a little humor.

Week 12: Pop Punk | Headliner: The Brodys

    • The one who got away, The Brodys. They were supposed to close out our season last year and had to cancel, and I’m glad we got them back. So many people traveled to see them and that got me intrigued. They’re high energy, funny, and make you want to jump around. You’d hear their music in early-2000s chase scenes, where you’re rooting for the bad boy with good hair. They’re music is fun!

I hope these descriptions give you a better idea of who to see this summer and maybe introduce you to your new favorite artist!