When Worlds Collide | #CIP2016 & 98 Rock

Guest Contributor | Andy Hawk, CIP & 98 Rock

Sacramento is a city that truly embraces the music scene and brings people together. I am fortunate enough to be able to help bands move their music careers forward by providing a platform for them to perform at CIP and to push their sound out on 98 Rock. It is funny how much my work overlaps and I am honored to be able to help shape our city’s musical landscape.

The CIP team never stops thinkingThe-Went-Ghost_IG about the event year ’round. We love what Concerts in the Park has become – it is a perfect representation of the city we live in. Not only do I get to help define what Sacramento’s longest-running music festival sounds like, I am also lucky enough to be able to showcase bands on the radio year round. Some bands that perform at CIP get played on the radio and others emerge as their music jumps out at you and demands to be played again and listened to over and over. Bands materialize as their passion and craft is put together professionally, allowing their sound and brand the chance to grab larger audiences.

CIP has helped our area’s artists play in front of bigger and larger crowds, and this season we’ve tried to help our local artists by having them play alongside bigger nationals bands and using other media to help them connect with more music lovers. Perhaps you have noticed several bands this year are not only getting played on my radio show, but they are also getting a ton of love from local television. I was also thrilled to team up with EatFarm2Fork to record some really great promotional online videos with some of these our undercard bands and local headliners.  

This week, They Went Ghost, from Vacaville, will play with a fantastic, national headliner and festival artist – New Kingston. New Kingston is from the East Coast but truly connects with Sacramento – this week is going to be huge. They Went Ghost is a growing and emerging band and this week they will show that they are up for the challenge of performing alongside nationally-recognized talent. After recording the below video with them I know they’re ready for that challenge – have a look for yourself:

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