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Behind the Lens: Uprise Collective

Shea GuntherMaher

Downtown Sac is home to an impressive community of artists and entrepreneurs. Driven by their passion for artistry and love for this city, many creatives are fashioning grass roots efforts to collaborate with other artists and give back to the community.

You saw it on a grand scale with the edgy installations at Art Hotel. You’re seeing it unfold with the impressive Bright Underbelly mural beneath the freeway. And now you’re seeing artists come together with Uprise Collective – a grass roots gallery show hosted by the community and for the community. 

Thursday, Feb 25 – 7 p.m.
Blue Lamp – 1400 Alhambra Blvd.
21+ only event, FREE

Uprise Collective is a group of local photographers and talented creatives with a mission to give back to the community. Tonight they will host their first gallery show at Blue Lamp to showcase their work and raise funds for Shriner’s Children’s Hospital of Sacramento. 

Inspired by the dreamers and doers behind Uprise Collective, we decided to take a peek behind the lens and ask them what it’s like to be an artist in Sacramento. Here’s what they had to say…


@goodthompson gallery

“Sacramento is the original inspiration to my pursuit of photography. This city has always been my home, and I love showing it off through my photos! I love this community of creatives and the new energy I feel around town.” – Will, @GoodThompson



“Having grown up in Sacramento I feel like I’ve seen this city grow from what people used to call a ‘cow town’ into a world class city. I was raised in South Sacramento and whenever my family would go downtown I would give myself a sore neck, as I’d want to look up at the tall buildings. I would be completely mesmerized at what I thought were skyscrapers and I always wondered what it would be like to see our skyline from a higher vantage point.

As a photographer I often think about those times as a child and I try to instill those memories into my shots of Sacramento. It’s not easy. Unlike cities like San Francisco and New York…Sacramento still doesn’t have what some would consider an ‘impressive’ skyline. But I try my hardest to create the best images I can..of this city that I love..with what it has to offer. I truly believe that with that mindset, I’ve been forced to get out of my comfort zone on many occasions to get the vantage point I’m looking for, which has only helped me grow as a photographer.” – Mario, @MaynorChrome



Photo courtesy of @The_Lost_Coast

“I’m completely obsessed with photography. It’s what I think about day and night. Being a landscape photographer in Sacramento means that I have to try a lot harder than anyone in the big cities. Because there are only so many views of the skyline I can capture. However this lack of material makes it that I have to work harder in creating something, which in the end is more beneficial to myself as a photographer.” – Felipe, @The_Lost_Coast


Photo courtesy of @AndrewEggers

Photo courtesy of @AndrewEggers

“I feel like artists in Sacramento sometimes have to be even more creative than those in bigger cities, but that also works to our advantage as well. Not only do we have a growing skyline and city life, but we also have lots of nature spots close by with rivers, waterfalls, and dark spots to see the stars. You have to embrace your surroundings and most importantly have fun capturing the memories. ” – Andrew, @AndrewEggers


@abelinsane gallery

Photo courtesy of @AbelInsane

“Through photography I’ve grown to appreciate my surroundings from a different perspective. Being a visual artist, my mission has been to show people that same perspective.”  – Abel, @AbelInsane

Sponsors | Odd Petals & Haven & Florin

Odd Petals has collaborated with Uprise Collective to provide custom canvas printing and framing.

Photo courtesy of @OddPetals

Photo courtesy of @OddPetals

“Being an artist in Sacramento is a great adventure. There are so many creatives in this city who are collaborating, learning from each other, and feeding each other’s artistic energy. We do amazing things when we put our minds together.”

Haven & Florin has collaborated with Uprise Collective to provide custom camera carry goods.

Photo courtesy of @Rivn

Photo courtesy of @Rivn

“We’re happy to sponsor this gallery featuring some of Sacramento’s most influential photographers.” – Haven & Florin