Small Biz Spotlight: Andy’s Candy Apothecary

Katie Almazan

Andy’s Candy Apothecary was the 2013 winner of the Calling All Dreamers competition. To learn more about the small business competition, visit CallingAllDreamers.org! You have until April 10, 2017 at 5 p.m. to apply for your opportunity to compete for a downtown storefront.

Chocolates, gummies, caramel, oh my! Walk into Andy’s Candy and you can’t deny the immediate salivation that occurs upon admiring the vast selection of tasty treats. Candies from near and far occupy the space and nearly beckon your name when browsing by. We heard their cries, and answered their call. Hard job, we know!

Our confectioner Abby arranged a candy collection from chocolate to gummies that sweetened our palate with just a glance. We began with the chocolate, and, much like wine, we started light and ended dark in order to detect the unique flavors the cacao lends.


Charles Chocolate’s Salty-Sweet Cashew Bar – Made in San Francisco

This bar is the Rolls Royce of milk chocolate. From the texture of the cashews to the irresistible hints of sea salt, it’s no wonder this San Francisco-made chocolate is a favorite of Andy’s.

Casa de Chocolates Inca Crunch Chocolate Bar – Made in Berkeley

A sophisticated and gourmet take on a chocolate crunch bar that caught us by surprise in the best possible way. With 61% dark chocolate and roasted quinoa sprinkled on top, this is a perfect indulgence that you won’t regret later.

Dick Taylor Belize Bar – Made in Eureka

Northern California-made and full of unmatched flavor! This bean-to-bar maker sources the cacao themselves. We felt the luxury of a one-of-a-kind chocolate bar with hints of cherry and the bar wrapped in gold foil.



Sour Grapefruit

We loved that the gummy had a hint of citrus, but without the sometimes overpowering characteristics it can possess. Just the right touch of grapefruit flavoring with a sour twist at the end!

Sour Snagz 

This fruit punch rainbow strip left our mouth watering and our taste buds yearning for more! The Snagz became an instant favorite of ours, hands down. We’ll take seconds, please!

Sweet Strawberry Vanilla Drop – Made in Sweden

If you’re looking for something sweet but subtle, these little guys are just for you. The vanilla undertones of this marshmallow-textured gummy made for a bite-sized delight.

Sweet Cuba Libre – Made in Germany

A rum and coke based candy with a hint of lime? Say no more! By far one of the more unique candies we had the opportunity to taste and a sweet take on a Cuban drink classic.


To conclude our sampling, we satiated our sweet tooth with a unanimous favorite and a Local Roots Food Tour showstopper, Puur Sea Salt Caramel, made right here in Sacramento. Literally melt in your mouth and lick the wrapper kind of good!  We left Andy’s Candy on a sugar high and with one heck of a candy crush.