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Found Downtown: PLA

Marlee Wallace

Within our Found Downtown series we’ve highlighted the communities that call downtown home, deserve to have some limelight, and make downtown special. We give you: PLA

PLA Skateboard Supply is a skateboard shop that opened in 2006, selling apparel, boards, and tools. They’re known for having the sickest gear and apparel, but also connection. Skaters from all over meet at PLA to hang out, shop, and even do their homework. PLA isn’t just a skate shop, but the center of the skate community here in Sacramento.

Since PLA is located on J & 10th Streets, it’s central to so many people. You have skaters coming from Power Inn, South Sac, and Natomas who all start their skateboarding mission at PLA. It’s accessible by public transportation, it’s central, and downtown Sacramento is home to all kinds of skate architecture, so it’s desirable!

PLA is known for being a home to skateboarders and they are dedicated to helping people not only find their physical skateboarding needs, but also financial and emotional. James Wright, Sacramento local, “was once unfortunate, and they (PLA) helped me from the start. They helped me with sponsors, needing anything, and they always supported anything I wanted to do.”

If you’re into skateboarding or want to be, PLA is the place. Their community-driven passion has impacted the community and downtown Sac.