Flowers Blooming in Downtown Sac

Katie Almazan

Spring may be months past but that doesn’t mean that flowers can’t still grace our countertops, office desks or, let’s be honest, every square inch of free space. We’re clearly fanatics – rightfully so, as downtown has some of the best florists in the area. From pre-made arrangements to buckets full of individual stems where you can build your own floral creation, G. Rossi and Bloem Décor have you covered.

And, trust us, as holidays approach and family parties start looming, floral arrangements will become a must-have. If you’re feeling creative and want to save a little money, Alice’s Table hosts classes where you can learn the art of flower arranging all while enjoying cocktails with friends! When they reached out to us about their upcoming class, we knew we had to jump on the opportunity to learn the ins and outs. What’s even better is you get to take your arrangement home to enjoy!

With our newly acquired skills, we are now itching to venture to the florist to create more! So, kick aside the grocery store bouquets and check out G. Rossi and Bloem Décor to score the best flowers in town.

Interested in learning the art of flower arranging? Grab some friends and head to to sign up for a class!