Farm-to-fork: Caprese Skewers

Jordyn Anderson

With no end in sight for the hottest days of summer, these chilled Caprese skewers are the perfect anytime treat when you’re trying to beat the heat. Requiring minimal prep for total enjoyment, head to your local Downtown Certified Farmers’ Market and grab the few, fresh ingredients needed for this delightful treat.

Amount of each ingredient depends on how many skewers you plan to make.

– Wooden skewers
– Prosciutto
– Heirloom cherry tomatoes
– Fresh mini mozzarella balls
– Basil
– Balsamic vinegar

Photo courtesy of @jordyntruee

Photo courtesy of @jordyntruee

1) Remove stems from basil leaves.

2) Rinse tomatoes and basil, set to dry.

3) Assemble skewers in varying orders separating mozzarella and tomatoes with basil and/or prosciutto.

4) Drizzle skewers with balsamic vinegar.

5) Refrigerate until desired temperature is reached.

These easy-to-assembly bites make the perfect appetizer or afternoon snack and are a great substitution for your everyday salad.

Serve at a party and you’re sure to have all your guest exclaiming, “molto delizioso!”

Ciao, for now!