Downtown Spotlight: That Stuck at Home Life

Frankie Wenson

Going into week eight of quarantine it can be hard to think of ways to continue to keep yourself busy. Maybe you have been getting ideas online and have already started your own blog, an Instagram account for your dog, cleaned the house up and down and then start all over again or even learn all the dances there is to know on TikTok. If you feel like you haven’t done that much to be inspired during this downtime then we have just the thing to help get you out of your creative rut!

Our friends at Position Interactive are here to help you through this time and give you a website that is curated to help you stay busy and entertained during the pandemic with “That Stuck at Home Life!” Every day for 30 days they will be releasing a new activity to get your mind working with the hope to “help people stay healthy and active at home and support businesses in our community when possible.” Even though the website was born from the pandemic, the campaign is always evergreen for people to come back to whenever they are bored at home no matter the current situation. The website is meant to be an outlet for people to let their creative minds wonder and maybe pick up a new hobby or learn something new in the process!

Here is what you need to do to get the most out of their website:

  1. Open your computer, smartphone or tablet and head over to
  2. When you are on the homepage you will see the latest idea of how to keep yourself busy while being stuck at home but make sure you go back to previous days so you don’t miss any activity!
  3. Admire the cover art! Each individual design was created by a different artist that put their own unique spin on the activity topic each day. Read about all the participating artists here.
  4. After you have gone back and looked through all the past and current activities, make sure you are following The Stuck at Home Life on Instagram and Facebook and let your friends and family know what you have learned and encourage them to follow along!

We hope these activities inspire you to take on a new hobby or learn something new to help brighten your days stuck at home!

Check out all of the activities that have already been released and the illustrations that go along with them:

All photos credit: That Stuck at Home Life