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Calling All Dreamers Applications Open

Marlee Wallace

Calling all dreamers, entrepreneurs, pop-up business owners, and driven go-getters! Calling All Dreamers is our business incubator program that brings in industry professionals to mentor entrepreneurs for the chance to open a downtown storefront and earn a coveted business start-up package valued at $100,000.

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What is a business incubation program?

A program that helps start-ups fully develop their business.

So if you have a business that you would like to turn into a storefront and could use some help with the practical aspects of owning a business, Calling All Dreamers is for you!

Why should I apply? / What’s the value?

You should apply to Calling All Dreamers because it’s an opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge from industry professionals that you can’t get anywhere else. Obviously that’s a buzz-wordy sentence, but it’s true. After the $50 application fee, if selected to move onto round 1, you get to learn the important things that are kind of mysteries to the average person.

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • Banking/Funding
  • Financial Projections
  • City Process and Permitting
  • and more…

Bootcamps are subject to change

All you have to lose is $50 and your time to learn about these topics not just from and industry professionals but local industry professionals. People who have done this and succeeded in downtown Sacramento.

How do I set myself up for success?

Since the reward is so high, the competition is tough. You want to have a strong business plan with the evidence to back it up. You’ve seen Shark Tank, you’re gonna get tough questions, be prepared for them. Believe in your vision and mission, know the ins and outs of your finances, and have a unique product or experience.

We have a depth of past winners and success stories going back to 2013. Find out about them HERE.

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