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Broadway Sacramento Presents: A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder

Katie Almazan

If you’ve been dying to catch a Broadway musical at the California Musical Theatre, look no further! The Tony award-winning play, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder, is here in Sacramento for a heart-stopping hit that is guaranteed to be nothing short of killer.

Instantly intrigued to find out how both love and murder could be melodiously intertwined, we jumped on the opportunity to catch opening night for the highly-raved about musical and put our inquisitions to rest. Little did we know, the antics of murder could elicit endless laughs and, quite frankly, be undeniably charming.

Alongside a full theater, we were taken on a harmonious and equally witty journey of Monty Navarro (Kevin Massey) – a penniless young man who learns he is an heir to the D’Ysquith family fortune, following his mother’s death. The only catch – there are eight relatives before his inheritance of the earldom of Highhurst. Desperate for fortune and eager to impress his mistress he yearns to wed, he stops at nothing to attain wealth and, you guessed it, love!

The cast had the audience ringing with laughter throughout the entire performance. All eyes and ears were on alert as to not miss any of the subtle yet hilarious innuendos and creative ploys. You won’t want to miss the chance to catch it at the California Musical Theatre March 7th-12th. This play literally, slays.