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Bold and witty, “The Book of Mormon” refreshes the Sacramento stage

Guest Contributor | Dion Dwyer, DSP

I have anticipated seeing The Book of Mormon since the musical’s acclaimed debut in New York.  As someone that grew up in a religious background while nurturing a dark seething sense of humor, this satirical story did not disappoint.

The humor was bold and didn’t miss an opportunity to mock  – often times so well it must leave a mark.  The in-your-face humor was delightfully balanced with the need to tell a purer story.

THE BOOK OF MORMON by Parker , Stone, , Writers – Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Music – Robert Lopez, Director – Casey Nicholaw, Design –Scott Pask, Costume design – Ann Roth, Lighting – Brian MacDevitt, London West End, 2014 , Credit: Johan Persson/

Photo Credit: Johan Persson

Once the lights come up, the show starts off with a bang, or should I say a Ding – Dong.  The opening act pays homage to the primary Mormon Missionary activity – doorbell ringing.  The music then takes off with plenty of humor and funny asides directed at both religious insiders and the once-a-year-Christmas-Mass-churchgoers alike. 

The Book of Mormon continues to take jabs at all levels of the church while a storyline begins to take shape, portraying the main character’s struggle to improve the life of others. Although the main character’s actions seem a bit misdirected, in the end his efforts succeed in transforming a village of lost hope and real world frustrations into a village full of happiness and potential direction.  


Photo courtesy of CA Musical Theatre

The energy of the actors’ enthusiastic performances combined with vivid set design and witty song sets made the experience enjoyable from start to finish. 

A word of caution: If you are easily offended, it’s probably best to stay home. However, if you are looking for a two-hour laugh that pokes fun at our world that tends to focus more on the fantasy absurd than reality – then this is the musical for you!

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