5 Reasons Why Sacramento Foodies LOVE Dine Downtown

Jordan Alwood

Dine Downtown– also known as an exclusive Sacramento culinary experience, is finally here!

Here are five reasons why Sacramento foodies get so hyped about Dine Downtown:

The Food

Photo Credit: @genniferrose_blog

Dine Downtown pulls all the best chefs together to curate the perfect 3-course meal for each restaurant. Each restaurant chooses three specific meals that cannot be ordered outside of this event duration or anywhere else. Sacramento is known as the Farm-to-fork Capital which means chefs here take great pride in the ingredients they use when cooking.

Each meal is prepped with care and has so much thought and love poured into it. It’s something your taste buds can only experience once a year. Check out the participating restaurants and deals HERE.

The Deals

Photo Credit: @genniferrose_blog

Three-course meal for $45 per person– we’re serious.

This deal speaks for itself. Amazing food and even better prices. Try and find somewhere offering three meals for that price!

The Experience

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Dine Downtown is more than just eating and dining. It’s an event that grants you the chance to spend time with loved ones and meet people in your community. Get to know the chef and the culture of the food you’re trying. Say hi to the waiter who may later become one of your closest friends. Change your routine from going to work, then home, then waking up to do it all over again by treating yourself to a special dinner.

We also suggest that if you’re feeling adventurous– take yourself on a solo date! Spending time alone and doing things for ourselves is something really special to experience, and can improve your relationship with yourself. So if this interests you, give yourself that solo, life-changing experience.

Trying New Things

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Whether you want to try a new restaurant or try something like oysters for the first time, this event is for you. You can check out all the different restaurants and menus HERE. Maybe pick something you’ve never eaten before, or choose a place you’ve never thought to go to! This is the best way to grow and expand your horizons after all.

Support Local Businesses

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Sure you can go to a Chilis or Applebees for dinner– but why not support local and enjoy something different? We are big believers in pouring your cup back into the community, which means shopping small is a core value for us.

Fellin Hungry?

Photo Credit: @genniferrose_blog

If you’re hungry after reading this, we can relate to you. If you need us, we’ll be at dinner enjoying drinks and apps!