Danny’s Mini Donuts

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Made hot on the spot, Danny’s Mini Donuts are luring kids and adults to Old Sacramento to see the mini donut machine in action.  At a production rate of 1,200 donuts per hour, Danny’s Mini Donuts gives you the unique experience of watching your donuts being made right in front of you – taking the made fresh concept to a whole new level!

You’ll be amazed by Danny’s cute lil’ donut-making-machine.  Kids eyes light up and shrieks ensue when they get sight of the donuts being made right before their eyes. Seeing the tiny yummy donuts being made “hot on the spot” is a real treat, and what will really excite you is all of the flavor options: you have your choice of cinnamon sugar, powder sugar, plain, vanilla, chocolate and (an unusual, but delicious, donut option) caramel with sprinkles.

Located right across the street from the California Railroad Museum, Danny’s Mini Donuts are not only a fantastic treat, but a donut making experience that would make anyone feel like a kid again.

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