Give the gift of #DowntownSac with an e-Gift Card! 

Shopping small is more important now than ever before! Shop 916 provides an opportunity to spend and support our local businesses while also conveniently encouraging your network to spend and show a little love for participating shops and restaurants. There is something for everyone in #DowntownSac! Whether for weddings, birthdays, graduations, or another special event, the Shop 916 e-gift card gives your lucky recipients all that #DowntownSac has to offer: dining, shopping, entertainment, professional services, and much more!

Let your gift recipient experience the city in their own way. Shop 916 is the perfect gift for friends, family members, or to welcome back your employees. It’s a quick, easy, and simple way to #SupportLocal with your favorite #DowntownSac shops and restaurants conveniently on one card.

See more in the FAQ below.

How It Works:

Purchasing, giving, and using Shop 916 is easy:

  1. Visit the Shop 916 portal powered by Yiftee
  2. Select the value to purchase
  3. Add your recipient’s phone number or email address
  4. Write a custom message
  5. Pay and send


Powered by MasterCard/Yiftee, recipients can use the Shop 916 e-gift card to make purchases at participating businesses just like a credit card. The e-gift card and balance are always available on the recipient’s smartphone.

Business Sign Up

Are you interested in featuring your business on the Shop 916 e-gift card? Expand your customer base and join our list of incredible shops, restaurants, and more! Signing up is quick and easy. New customers will discover your business and returning shoppers will love receiving the gift of an experience with you! Learn more here.

e-Gift Card FAQ

Shop 916 e-Gift Cards are redeemed as virtual vouchers, powered by MasterCard, from mobile phones or printed. The “card” is keyed in manually into a business’ POS or terminal systems as a credit card. 

Can I use the same e-Gift Card at multiple locations?
Yes, as long as there is a remaining balance, the e-Gift Card may be used at any participating location. See list of locations that accept the Shop 916 e-gift card.

Is there a fee to purchase the e-Gift Card?
The e-Gift Card purchaser pays an eDelivery fee to cover processing costs ($1.00 per card and 5.0% of the total value of the gift amount). The e-Gift Card recipient and merchant receive the full value for the card, providing maximum benefit to local businesses. The e-Gift Card is non-reloadable and has no cash access. Unless prohibited by law, a $3.00 fee will be deducted monthly from the e-Gift Card balance starting the 1st day after 12 months of inactivity.

Can the e-Gift Card be used at multiple restaurants?
Yes. They can be used until all funds are spent.

Is tipping allowed on the Community e-Gift Card?
Tipping can only be done when you pre-authorize the amount with the tip included. It’s recommended you use another form of payment for tipping since this is a prepaid card.

Can refunds be provided?
Yes — just as refunds would be applied to your credit card, they can also be applied to your e-Gift Card.

How do I check my balance?
The current balance is always reflected on the digital voucher and recipients receive reminders to redeem. Check your e-Gift Card balance here: Check Balance.

Will my payment automatically deduct from the e-Gift Card if I don’t have enough to cover my entire balance?
In the event that your purchase exceeds the amount in your balance, purchases will need to be split up separately with the e-Gift Card balance being paid first and then using a separate payment method. **Important** your e-Gift Card will be declined if you try to exceed its balance.

What happens if my purchase amount exceeds the balance on my e-Gift Card?
In the event that your purchase exceeds the amount in your balance, you will need to have a separate form of payment to cover the difference of the purchase amount. 

What do I do if my e-Gift Card is declined?
If your e-Gift Card is declined, it could be because:

  1. The information is entered into the POS or terminal system incorrectly, try re-entering the information.
  2. The value on the e-Gift Card is less than what is trying to be redeemed. Have an additional payment form ready to pay the balance in this instance – remember to enter the amount for your e-Gift Card first.
  3. You are trying to redeem it at a non-participating business.

Are physical cards an option?
There are no plastic cards available. The e-Gift Card is available electronically or if you choose you can print it in a piece of paper.

For additional questions or concerns regarding your e-Gift Card, email [email protected].

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