What does it take to create an urban “hot spot”?


New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco have well-earned reputations as cities that never sleep. And while it’s unlikely their lights will go out anytime soon, it’s mid-sized cities like Sacramento that are now the hotbeds for population and job growth and new development activity.

No longer just a 9-to-5 job center where the sidewalks roll up when offices empty out, urban revitalization is creating more live-work-play amenities in urban cores across the country, giving birth to new activity, excitement and opportunity. So, what’s in the secret sauce to success?

No surprise, it’s us! That’s right, it’s cities that are becoming more in tune with what people are looking for, in particular young professionals, that are seeing significantly more growth in terms of their population and significantly more growth in terms of businesses looking to move in to those areas. This phenomenon, commonly called the 18-hour city, is now at Sacramento’s doorstep and it’s up to us to make sure we unleash it!

One of the biggest opportunities Sacramento has lies in the development of the 220-acre Railyards, the largest infill development project west of the Mississippi River. Plans for the Railyards already include a state-of-the-art mass transit hub, future MLS stadium and Kaiser hospital, as well as retail, office, housing, parks, hotels and museums. But with build-out expected to take two decades, there is plenty opportunity to shape what results.

That’s where YOU come in! What amenities are important to becoming one of the most dynamic, urban neighborhoods in Sacramento? What ingredients will make the Railyards an appealing place for you to live? Work? Visit? Shop?

On Friday, March 18, join ULI Sacramento Young Leader Group’s breakout session during the EMERGE Summit for an interactive conversation with Railyards developers Denton Kelley and Alan Hersh alongside Sac Republic’s Warren Smith to learn what’s planned and more importantly, give your feedback to help shape Sacramento’s newest urban environment.

This is your time to make an impact. Join the conversation and shape Sacramento’s tomorrow!

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