Behind the Bar: Chris Tucker at Hook & Ladder

Sacramento Cocktail Week is still in full swing and tonight Hook & Ladder is the place to be. Their City Under Construction/Manufactured Drinks event starts at 6:00pm…and who knows, you might see Mr. Chris Tucker behind the bar!

Name: Chris Tucker
Behind the Bar: Hook & Ladder
SCW Event: City Under Construction/Manufactured Drinks at Hook & Ladder | TONIGHT August 20th 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Hometown: Sacramento
Featured Drink: Capuchin Colada



Favorite Toast: Cheers!

What drink do you wish people would stop ordering? In 21+ years of bartending, the only drink I have ever refused to make is a Cement Mixer. Its Lime Juice and Bailey’s Irish Cream. There is nothing redeeming about this drink. To merely suggest it is a drink is an insult to drinks everywhere. Because when the lime juice swishes around with the Bailey’s, it coagulates the cream. It is purely designed to make you spit it out. And now, you have a mess on the bar. No, thank you. Everything else, if I have the means, is fair game and my privilege to serve you.

First bartending gig: America Live! at Knucklehead’s Comedy Club. I got to hang out with Lewis Black, Bobcat Goldthwait, Brian Regan, Aisha Tyler and Dave Attell after work each night when they were in town. Amazing stories.

Favorite post-shift cocktail: If I have a nightcap, it’s usually Whisky. Lately, it’s been Highland Park 15yr or the last of my Suntory Hibiki 17yr. If I’m camping, it’s Knob Creek. It deglazes my Lodge Dutch Oven nicely when I’m making campfire stew.

What are you looking most forward to with Sacramento Cocktail week? The camaraderie and the flow of ideas for next year.

What fuels your creativity/passion for crafting delicious cocktails? The guest. Always, the guest.

Shaken or stirred: Neat.





Recipe: Capuchin Colada
2 oz Selvarey Rum
.5 oz Selvarey Cacao
1 oz banana puree
1 scoop coconut gelato
1 oz Pineapple juice
Blend with ice and serve in a 16 oz Hurricane glass

Words of Wisdom from Chris:  The Capuchin Colada or, the Chocolate Banana Colada, is a lot like the the Capuchin monkeys in Central America…One or two can be fun and great to pose with for a picture, too many and you’ll lose your lunch and ruin your vacation!

Photography courtesy of our friend Stephanie Rudy, Just West. Find her here.