Cultivating Creative Culture in Downtown Sac

Friend and fellow ambassador of Downtown Sac, Zayn Silmi of The People Of Sacramento, shares his passion for community empowerment and the importance of cultivating the creative culture that makes our city a great place to live, work and play…

Guest Contributor | Zayn Hussein Silmi

10 months ago, I started a blog you may have heard of called or @ThePeopleOfSacramento on Instagram. This blog was founded on the values to inspire, empower, and cultivate locals through features on artists, entrepreneurs, and any other locally talented individuals. It is truly a genuine source of media that people can engage in as a community, because to me there is nothing better than a community empowered by the creative people within it. I wanted to create a network of successful, inspiring individuals that would in a way be like an online gallery about people doing what they love, and succeeding at it.

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This brings me to the question I am most commonly asked; how did you think of such an idea? And why?

Well, in all honestly, it comes back to Downtown Sacramento. Last September, I was siting in a local Downtown Sacramento coffee shop with some friends, coming off a pretty great summer that really opened my eyes to Sacramento’s culture. At that moment I knew I wanted to create a platform to spotlight the people who make this city what it is, and what it continues to be.

I wanted to throw myself right into Sacramento culture, and carry the philosophy that as a city, we welcome people to dream, and become what they always wanted to be. We foster community empowerment and support one another to achieve things some people may only imagine in other cities. It’s truly my passion to spotlight other people’s passions, and it’s also my passion to help others around me succeed. And that is a huge reason why I love our Downtown Sacramento Partnership so much; they seize the day EVERYDAY to make Downtown Sacramento flourish with culture, arts, and dining.

As we move more and more towards the future, this city will continue to develop in a way we can only dream of. It’s an exciting time to be a part of such a passionate and community-oriented city like Sacramento. Whether it’s the sight of our new Golden 1 Center that will home our Sacramento Kings, or the sight of the constant construction throughout the Downtown area – it ignites my passion for this city every day.

My advice for you all is to continue to do what you LOVE, and do what makes you happy! I hope my work through @ThePeopleOfSacramento continues to inspire and encourage you to help make this city better everyday.