Meet Chip – the face of #CIP2016

Spend an afternoon wandering around the park in Downtown Sac and you will undoubtedly find a squirrel or two frolicking in the trees. It only seems fitting that Concerts in the Park adopted a mascot to embrace all the fun times that fill Cesar Chavez Plaza.

Meet Chip – he is our official mascot and will give you the inside scoop for #CIP2016.

Name: Chip
Birthplace: Downtown Sac
Occupation: Mascot for Concerts in the Park
Height: 10 inches
Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Physical Attributes: Pink fur, a bushy tail, and the ability to adapt to any genre of music
Favorite Foods: Tacos, ice cream, and hot dogs
Hobbies: Playing dress up, rocking out to live music, people watching and many more
Favorite Places: Concerts in the Park, Cesar Chavez Plaza
Favorite Season: Summer
Drink: Bud Light beer
Personality attributes: Friendly, adventurous, outgoing

Now that you know a bit about Chip, it’s time to educate yourself about what he represents. Not only is Chip our fearless mascot he also gives you clue about what genre of music will fill the park each week.

16_0330-CIP country CHIP

If you see Chip with a banjo and some cowboy boots, it’s safe to say country is taking over the park.

16_0330-CIP punk CHIP

But since Chip is an equal opportunity music lover, he has also been known to rock a mohawk and an electric guitar. It’s time to rock out to some punk when you see Chip in this getup.

16_0330-CIP rock CHIP

Acoustic guitar wearing Chip means a mellow evening of soft rock and soothing vocals. A perfect way to spend a summer night in Downtown Sac.

16_0330-CIP hip hop CHIP

We’ve got some street cred in Downtown Sac, too. Break out a hat and get ready to listen to some hip hop at #CIP2016.

Rumor has it Chip will also be on some sweet CIP swag that is available for purchase. So pay attention to what Chip’s wearing to get some insight to the tunes that will fill the park each week.