Downtown Sac Welcomes Cornflower Creamery and Triple Double Sports Bar & Grill

Foodie culture is beyond booming in the urban core as local eateries capitalize on Downtown Sac’s Farm-to-Fork identity. Innovative restaurant concepts can be found on almost every corner of the grid, it’s just a matter of deciding which one to try first. Here are two new hubs you should bump to the top of your list…

cornflower creamery interior

Cornflower Creamery

Humble scoops of vanilla and chocolate are a thing of the past. Fro-yo? Practically outdated. Enter the newest darling of the farm-to-fork foodie movement – artisan ice cream. Cornflower Creamery has chosen to call Downtown Sac home and and we couldn’t be more ice-screamin-excited to jump on that artisan ice cream train!

Owner Cynthia Broughton is a Sac native who’s culinary journey includes gourmet chef experience and an ever-present passion for innovation. Promising house-made, handcrafted flavors produced from locally sourced ingredients, Cornflower Creamery will grace the grid with a new ‘Farm-to-Scoop’ experience. Have some dietary restrictions? Fear not! This artisan parlor offers custom recipes for dairy eaters, vegan eaters and hold-the-sugar eaters alike!

Cornflower Creamery
1013 L Street, Sacramento

triple double_Tori Masucci Cummins

Triple Double Sports Bar & Grill

With nods to farm-to-fork cuisine and Southern, Cajun-style barbecue, Triple Double Sports Bar & Grill brings upscale bar food to Downtown Sac. Seated in a prime location at 419 J Street, the former Zokku Lounge building, Triple Double will offer nearby arena spectators a reimagined sports bar experience.

Executive chef Trevor Elliott’s menu lineup will include slow-cooked pulled pork, beans n’ slaw, seafood boils, hearty salads, burgers and sandwiches. That’s not all. For all you oyster lovers, Triple Double will serve up half-shells every which way, from charbroiled to raw. More of a sweet tooth person? Dessert lovers will also enjoy baked mason jar cobbler at the new soul-food eatery. Is your mouth watering yet?

Triple Double Sports Bar & Grill
419 J Street, Sacramento