Downtown News

Scrambling for a costume to parade about in this weekend? Evangeline's in Old Sac has you covered! Check out their extensive collection, including the emerging SteamPunk aesthetic of industrial jewelry and goggles. READ MORE

Living in Sacramento means enduring sweltering summers and chilly winters. Dressing for these temperatures while also attempting to maintain our individual senses of style can be challenging at times. I have found that these seven clothing staples are the fashionable key to surviving in this city. READ MORE

Lunch break refresh

If you’re like me, chances are you sit behind a desk all day doing various activities that can become monotonous over time. Although I love my job, sometimes you just need a break from the routine. READ MORE

When you're on the hunt for fresh greens (and reds and yellows), Downtown Certified Farmers' Markets are the place to go. As the Farm-to-Fork Capital of America, Sacramento offers fresh produce grown by local farmers. READ MORE

I love my childhood memories of Easter. My dad’s tradition was to hide three identical, bountiful baskets of candy in one hard-to-find spot and construct an elaborate treasure map to lead us to it. READ MORE