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Welcome to Downtown, YP’s

Jayme Ghisletta

Welcome to Downtown, fellow young professionals! Perhaps you’ve ventured into Downtown for a night of fun, or for a meeting, or you haven’t been down here in years – either way, the downtown experience is much different than some outdated and tired perceptions.

Photo courtesy of @JuliaMaya_

Photo courtesy of @JuliaMaya_

Downtown is alive. It’s pulsing with entrepreneurs, dreamers, creators and civically minded young professionals, like yourself, whose passion and drive are helping to build a badass ecosystem, unique to Downtown Sacramento.

Its our thought that downtowns make you smarter. A tight urban core leads to connections, collisions and collaboration. What might be a small idea over coffee with your downtown neighbor can spark in to the next best restaurant venture, event idea or business concept. You get the idea – downtowns, by density and design allow for more than a clock-in/clock-out type of job.

The Emerge Summit is a great example of community connections and collaborations. In addition to the summit logistics, we wanted to give you some insider tips on downtown itself, who you should know, how the Downtown Partnership is a resource (a free one at that) and some exciting milestones in the pipeline.

We, the Downtown Sacramento Partnership, are your resource & guide to downtown (Literally)

  • You might see people roaming the streets in yellow shirts and Downtown Guide hats, they’re with us! They act as a concierge for the downtown district. They’ll give you directions, drop historical facts and help you find the best place for a happy hour.
  • Not to brag, but we might have the best jobs in Sacramento. We are the resource for all things downtown. With a ‘mullet-esq’ digital presence, we are all ‘business’ at (resources for starting or growing a business) and ‘party in the back’ at (guide to downtown entertainment, arts and culture). Here at the DSP we can help you find mural space, throw a party or open up a retail storefront.
Photo courtesy of Will Thompson @GoodThompson

Photo courtesy of Will Thompson @GoodThompson

Downtown is more than a government town. We have some pretty amazing people shaping the core with their infectious entrepreneurial spirit. Here are just a few. Believe us, there are many many more:

  • Heather Wong – the latest winner of the Calling All Dreamers competition. She’s bringing spices from around the world to the urban core, set to open Allspicery in a few short weeks.
  • DeVere White Brothers, DeVere’s Irish Pub – these guys have big ideas and have found a way to keep their watering holes packed to the brim. This definitely the best spot to grab a Guinness for St. Pats!
  • Ryan Douglas Hammond, R. Douglas Custom Clothier – A personal thank you to Ryan for keeping downtown men looking fresh. You can spot an R. Douglas suit from a mile away. The R. Douglas suit is topping the swoon factor charts – watch out firemen the new uniform is pinstriped and fitted.
  • Sactown Magazine – Always fresh and pushing Sacramentans to do more. Don’t miss their Why Not Here series.
  • Bay Miry & Ali Youssefi, D&S Development and CFY Development – These two are literally constructing a new vibe in Downtown. Between the WAL Project and the highly anticipated 700 block of K Street, get ready for some great new retail, restaurants and housing units.
  • Amber Stott, Food Literacy Center – Molding the eating habits of the future, Amber and the FLC gang are ensuring the leaders of tomorrow keep Farm-to-Fork at the forefront.
Photo courtesy of Seething Studios

Photo courtesy of Seething Studios

It’s all up from here. The excitement continues as we march into spring and summer. Nothing beats having an “off-site work meeting” on a patio while you sip a cold one. In Sacramento fashion, a lot of deals that shaped California policy were fostered over a drink in this city. Exciting things in the pipeline include:

  • Music festival much? 25th Anniversary Concerts in the Park kicks off on May 6, 2016 with music-filled Fridays that include cold beer and no cover!
  • Local entrepreneurs compete to open a downtown storefront during Calling All Dreamers, a shark-tank-style business competition. There’s still time to throw your hat in the ring, business proposals can be submitted until March 29. Fun Fact: Andy’s Candy Apothecary was the inaugural winner. Do your taste buds a favor and visit him at 1012 9th. 
  • Golden 1 Center. Shall I say more? Events, housing, hotel, art, retail. (Fall 2016).

We hope you are inspired by Emerge Summit and enjoy your time downtown, venture out and explore!