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Welcome (back) Chef Grande!

Jordyn Anderson

Michael Grande was just named the Hyatt Regency‘s Executive Chef after a brief Sacramento hiatus. We chatted with him to uncover what he loves most about his gig and everything the Farm-to-Fork Capital has to offer. 

Q: What is your favorite locally sourced ingredient to use? Why? 

A: SunFed Beef. Great flavor and the product speaks for itself.

Q: Why did you choose to become a chef?

A: I spent a lot of time cooking with my parents and grandmothers when I was a child. I’ve known since I was five that I wanted to be a chef.

Q: How do you stay up to date on new cooking trends?

A: Blogs, websites, trying new restaurants, reading new cookbooks.  

Q: What is your favorite food to eat? Why?

A: Great Deli Food, because I am New Yorker

Q: What are you most proud of in your career?

A: Winning the 2014 Judges Choice at the Sacramento Burger Battle and being promoted to my first executive chef position.

Q: How to you maintain creativity in your dishes?

A: Trying new products and rediscovering old dishes and making them new.

Q: How do you contribute to menu development and design?  

A: I go to my team and ask for their input and see what ideas they have to bring to the table.

Q: Any tips for aspiring chefs at home? 

A: Do not become intimidated, if you screw it up try again until you perfect it.


Now that you know a little more about Chef Grande, head to the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Sac and enjoy his culinary mastery!