Last Minute Costume Hunters Rejoice

Guest Contributor | Teri Burge, Evangeline's Costume Mansion

This year October 31st falls on a Saturday and that means double the costume opportunities for parties on both Friday and Saturday night! If you’re looking for something extraordinary, Evangeline’s Costume Mansion in Old Sacramento has you covered. With over two floors dedicated to costumes, accessories, theatrical makeup, wigs, and masks, Evangeline’s has something for everyone!


At Evangeline’s we know our customers want something unique and creative and that they are not afraid to be bold and stand out in a crowd. We source merchandise from all over the world in an effort to find interesting pieces for our customers to create their own perfect costume.

DayoftheDeadThis year some of our top trending costume ideas include beautiful 1920’s style dresses for Prohibition style parties and intricate Day of the Dead gowns, tuxedos and makeup. Perennial favorites also include superheroes, pirates, vampires, and witches- classic Halloween costume ideas that will never go out of style.

My personal favorite costuming trend is the Steampunk fashion trend. Steampunk is a fantastical fusion of the Old West and the Victorian aesthetic, with the addition of industrial inspired accessories such as goggles, gear jewelry, leather holsters, decorated top hats and pocket watches. I love the endless possibilities of this style as you can mix or match pieces to create your own unique costume. Both men and women look amazing in Steampunk outfits, making it a great couples costume idea. What I find especially intriguing about the Steampunk style is that you can take your favorite character and make it Steampunk. I’ve seen Steampunk fairies, Steampunk Alice in Wonderland, and even a Steampunk version of Darth Vader!

Saloon EDITEDLooking for costumes and accessories beyond the Halloween season? Evangeline’s has everything you’d need for Burning Man, Sac Anime and more!

Teri Burge is the Buyer for Evangeline’s Costume Mansion in Old Sacramento.