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The Recipe for a Perfect “Fakecation”

Jayme Ghisletta

Sacramento with a French Twist

With warm weather upon us, yearning for a well-deserved vacation is normal. If you are a vacation day hoarder like me, you are praying that the next Travelzoo email that lands in your inbox will consist of that perfect trip with the right amount of layovers (Non-Stop), no blackout travel days (I’m not coming home mid-week), and a lustful destination (where is Kyrgyzstan?). If an epic summer vacation is not in the cards for you this year, my advice is to improvise with a little fakecation.

A fakecation is just that – a fake vacation. Enjoying the day, wherever you are, through vacation lenses. The recipe is simple: equal parts food and wine, 3-5 hours of great weather, a dash of culture and imagination to taste.

Longing for a Parisian stroll, I decided to tackle Downtown Sac with a French twist:

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 2.00.12 PM

1. FUEL: Any faux Parisian morning must start with the perfect cup of espresso. In Downtown Sac there are a handful of ‘can’t-go-wrong’ choices. Based on the unique medieval looking french facade, Insight Coffee Roasters captured the European vibe.


Sarah Maren Photographers

2. EYE CANDY: A legit stroll through Paris wouldn’t be complete with out stepping in a church or Cathedral. Notre Dame it is not, but the Cathedral of the Blessed, at 11th & K, is quite breathtaking. The Cathedral of the Blessed was built to resemble the Trinity Cathedral in Paris and has been an impressive landmark of Sacramento ever since its completion in 1889. Once completed, there was no cathedral equal in size west of the Mississippi River.



3. YUM: Essential to every vacation, food is key. A picnic lunch at Capitol Park makes the perfect backdrop for the brie and prosciutto sandwich from La Boone Soupe Café. Sit, relax, and enjoy the local people watching.



4. CULTURE: The most authentic bit of this fakecation has to be the culture fix. The “Toulouse-Lautrec and La Vie Moderne: Paris 1880 -1910,” exhibit is on view at the Crocker Art Museum and there are only days left to catch it before it goes back to France (runs through April 26). A true Parisian experience, the exhibit transports you to Paris nightlife at the turn of the 20th century.

To complement the art on view, the Museum outdid themselves with an interactive “Crocker Cabaret”. Complete with a small performance stage and dressing room, the Museum transforms a blank canvas to an all ages interactive experience.


nicholas wray, sacramento photographer

5. SWEETS: After the dash of culture, a faux Parisian experience pairs well with a sweet treat. The macaroons at Estelle’s Patisserie are key for any Parisian themed day. The colorful treat also makes for a perfect host gift.


nicholas wray, sacramento photographer

6. RELAX & ENJOY: To finish off the day, wine must be consumed. Up the block from Estelle’s the wine mecca that is Downtown & Vine can be found. Serving both local and international wine and an outdoor patio, DT&V is the perfect place to end this fakecation.