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Support Black-owned Businesses for Black History Month

Jordan Alwood

Black History Month is HERE!

Black History Month is a time to honor the history and achievements of Black people. This is also a chance to acknowledge systemic injustices that still exist now as well as the unfair treatment of Black people throughout history.

Quick History Lesson


In 1915 Carter G. Woodson and the prominent minister Jesse E. Moorland founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. This was an organization that dedicated its time and efforts to researching and promoting achievements by Black Americans and other people of African descent. Since 1976, every president of the United States has proclaimed February to be Black History Month, which has helped spread awareness and create important discussion as to why it’s important we have Black History Month.

How to Show Support

This month serves as a reminder to assess the areas where systematic racism still exists and to raise awareness of the people and groups enacting change.

Here are some links with resources on how you can donate, educate yourself and others, and show support:

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Support Black-owned Businesses

If you’re in the Downtown Sacramento area, this is the best time to show extra love to Black-owned businesses. Even if you’re not in the area, we strongly advise you to do this in your own communities.

Here’s a list of Black-owned businesses in Downtown Sacramento:

Every month and every single day is a reason to show support. February being Black History month is just a reminder– we need to be showing up every single day and doing our best to make others feel equal and heard.

If you have a Black-owned business that we missed, please email us directly: [email protected] with a description of your business and a link to the website.