Submerge talks CIP and the music scene

Guest Contributor | Submerge Magazine's M. Welliver & J. Carabba

Submerge is Sacramento’s free bi-weekly arts and entertainment publication. They’ve been covering regional music and art happenings extensively since 2008. DSP recently caught up with Submerge co-founders Melissa Welliver and Jonathan Carabba to chat about Concerts in the Park’s impact on the local music scene.

How would you describe Concerts in the Park’s role in the music scene?

Melissa Welliver: Concerts in the Park plays a huge role in the local music scene. This will be the 25th year where CIP has really given local bands something to strive for.

Jonathan Carabba: You start in a garage or practice space, move to coffee shops or small local venues and build a buzz. If you work hard enough, you’ll end up on stage in front of thousands of people on a Friday evening in Cesar Chavez Plaza.

Name one of your favorite CIP moments.

JC: For me, probably the Blackalicious show in 2015. It was really cool to see such a massive, positive crowd at a hip-hop show. I consider that to be a huge moment for live hip-hop events in the capital city. It’s like, “We can do this!”

MW: I would say in 2014 when Nic Offer of !!! (Chk Chk Chk) came down into the crowd in his signature short shorts and danced with everyone.

What are your thoughts on this year’s line-up? 

JC: I was lucky enough to get an early sneak-peak at a big chunk of the line-up and I’m impressed with the level of talent. It’s a great mix of genres. I think we’re in for a killer summer.

What advice would you give CIP performers?

JC: I always dig when bands bring their buddies up on stage to help fill out harmonies, provide extra percussion, things like that. It’s a big gig and should be treated as such.

MW: Bring your A-game and most of all, have fun. Also, have merch available. It’s a free show so people might be down to spend money to support the bands.


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