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Spend Summer at one of these #DowntownSac Patios!

Frankie Wenson

Summer is officially here! The weather is warmer, students are out for break and the smell of sunscreen is in the air. If you are like us then you are wanting to take advantage of all summer has to offer but also want to stay cool and hydrated at the same time. What better way to do that then to hangout at one (or all) of these #DowntownSac approved patios! Not only do you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery that our city has to offer, but also get to have a refreshing lunch that makes you feel good on a hot day.

Whether you are looking for the perfect patio to spend lunch with your co-workers, a romantic outdoor setting to take your special someone or a casual bar hangout to take your friends on the weekends, we have a patio for every occasion!

Perfect Lunch Atmosphere

Photo Credit: La Cosecha

If you only have a half hour or hour lunch then you need to find a restaurant that isn’t just fast, but has options that will keep you energized so that you can power through the second half of your day! Get one of the best lunch combos downtown at Vela Cafe, try their salad bar if you are in a rush or if you have a little more time to spare try one of their filling sandwiches or gyro wraps for a feel-good meal. What if you need vegan or gluten free options? Look no further than Mother, they offer a tasty meatless menu full of sandwiches, salads and plates like garden ratatouille, baked focaccia and chili verde. These spots have everything you need to have an all-around lunch experience from the décor to the service so that you can be back to the office in a timely fashion and ready to conquer the rest of the day.

Sit and Stay a While

If you have a little bit more time to relax and enjoy your surroundings we recommend sitting outside at one of these top patio spots for the evening while the weather starts to cool. They have the perfect scenery for a romantic date night for two with twinkly lights strung above your head to the amazing food that goes along with it. Dress in your nicest outfit and head to Ella Dining Room & Bar where they have stunning patio seating where you can get some of the best oysters in town or enjoy a close-up view of the Waterfront at Rio City Café while indulging in one of their steak and seafood plates because who doesn’t enjoy a nice dinner outside on a warm summer night!?

Grab a Drink with Friends

Meet up with your friends or co-workers after work and relax after a long day at the office. Downtown has some of the best local bars and hangout spots that your friends have been dying to go to and they don’t even know it yet! Bring out the inner child in you at Coin-Op Game Room where you can play old arcade games from your childhood and get a piece of pizza as well! If bowling is more your style, Punch Bowl Social offers bowling and additional games for you and all of your friends to enjoy while sipping on one of their amazing cocktails. It’s happy hour Tuesday-Friday at Whired Wine until 7pm, head over with your co-workers after work and un-wine on the patio with $5 vino & bites. Regardless of your mood and how you like to spend your free time after work these patios have something for everyone to relax and have fun!

Come out and soak up the sun this summer on our #DowntownSac patios, we promise you won’t regret it!