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Smic’s Summer Drinks

Jordan Alwood

We’re welcoming August with a bright smile on our face– summer isn’t over yet! Soak up this last month of warm weather and check out the new summer menu at Smic’s. Check out our latest adventure HERE!

Spicy Lencho

The perfect drink actually does exist! It’s a mix of spicy and sweet– and it’s called the Spicy Lencho. Enjoy the mixture of strawberry and jalapeno… I mean this really is summer in a glass. This drink got its name from one of the owner’s best friends. “This drink is sweet from the fresh berries, but just like my best friend, Lencho, you better watch out for the spicy kick,” says Paula. Enjoy 100% agave Tequila, or swap that with Mezcal for a smoky complexity.

The Delta Breeze

As beautiful as it is tasty, this purple cocktail is as crushable as they come. Gin, mint, and cucumber make even the hottest days seem bearable! This is my personal favorite due to it being so gorgeous and light. It’s fresher than my toothpaste so I’m debating skipping the night routine, and just having one of these at the end of my day.

Breakfast on a Yacht

Growing up, Paula’s grandparents had a boat in the Dana Point Harbor and her grandmother would always be sitting on the back of the boat, in the sunshine, sippin’ on these coffee-focused cocktails. This is the origin story of how Breakfast on a Yacht was created. This drink absolutely blows Espresso Martinis out of the water! If you enjoy lounging around and having a relaxing moment of solitude with a beverage– this drink is perfect for you.

Punch Bowls

We hope you brought friends for this one. After all– drinking this should be considered a team sport! These punch bowls are the cutest, most sharable drinking vessels in all of #DowntownSac. Loaded with rum and fresh tropical juices, you may want to say that summer just arrived! Grab a few friends and enjoy your drinks on the patio.

Do you feel hot?

Oddly enough, we are feeling kind of warm. We’re thinking of heading to Smic’s for a drink to help us cool off. Will we be seeing you there?