Small Biz Spotlight: Backbone Café

Curtis Yee

Looking to live a life that’s happy, healthy, and wholesome? While we can’t give you all the answers, a good first step might be checking out Backbone Café, Downtown Sac’s premier health food restaurant.

Helmed by brothers Joey and Tomas Woolston, the restaurant’s menu features a variety of nutritious meals that take their cues from the health food remedies that Joey credits to his recovery from a 2016 fall at Burning Man that resulted in him breaking his back. Now back on his feet, Joey is busy in the kitchen preparing meals that are meant to maximize personal wellness. And while Backbone may not fit neatly under a single dietary label, plant-based devotees and protein packers alike are sure to find something that will fit their fancy.

Upon our arrival, we were charmed by the eatery’s inviting interior, which offers board games and wellness books (for both the body and the mind), beckoning visitors to settle in and stay for a while. Personalized bookmarks are even available so whether you’re doing a deep dive on neuroanatomy or how to be a more positive thinker, you can mark your place and pick up right where you left off next time.

Quickly cozying up on a set of long leather couches, we were treated to a dazzling array of dishes, including the chicken power bowl, a trio of vegan carnitas (aka oyster mushrooms) tacos, and their grass-fed beef curry. We also toasted to good health with two of their signature blended concoctions: the Golden Goddess, a mix of mango, banana, turmeric, fresh ginger, and a plethora of other spices; and the Piña Pitaya Colada, a swirl of pineapple, pitaya, coconut, lime, banana, and orange. And while we were assured that each dish was packed full of nutritious ingredients, that never meant they were short on flavor.

Located in the heart of Downtown Sac, Backbone’s daytime-centric hours makes it the perfect place to reset and refocus during a busy day at the office.

So whether you keep a strict diet or just want to see what the latest Keto craze is all about, pop by for a rejuvenating Backbone experience—good for the stomach and good for the soul.

729 J Street
Sacramento, CA


Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.