Sacramento Talent Lights Up Cesar Chavez Plaza

Sophia Rose

July 13th marked the tenth Friday night show of the Concerts in the Park 2018 season. The lineup boasted Sacramento-rooted groups Rituals of Mine, The Gold Souls, Something Heartfelt, and Mino Yanci.

Cesar Chavez Plaza was buzzing with Sacramento music-lovers of all ages. The sounds of electric music, blues, jazz, soul, alternative rock, and a little bit of “musical freedom” coursed through the park, offering a taste of the all-encompassing musical talent that thrives in Sacramento.

Concert-goers beat the heat at the Bud Light Bar and fueled their dancing feet with eats from local food vendors stationed in the park. Between sets, we were able to ask a few performers about their music, the summer, and life in Sacramento. Check out what these local artists have to say, and get ready to round out another great year of Concerts in the Park!

Something Heartfelt

CIP: “What’s your favorite thing about summers in Sacramento?”
SH: “Floating down the Sacramento river and the delta breeze. At night, Sacramento is just so much better.”

CIP: “Do you have a favorite new release of the summer?
SH: “The new Dance Gavin Dance was really good.”

CIP: “Now that you’ve finished your set, what’s your go-to spot for a bite or drink in the area?”
SH: “We’re big fans of Shady Lady.”

The Gold Souls

CIP: “With your first album newly released, do you guys have a favorite song?”
TGS: “Mine right now is Take It Easy. The trumpet solo just breaks my heart.”
TGS: “My favorite song right now is Silver Tongue, and that’s the one that we just dropped a music video for.”

CIP: “Can you describe your writing process in one word?”
TGS: “Collaborative.”

CIP: “What can your Sacramento fans expect to see next?”
TGS: “We have new music coming out, a few singles that are going to be coming out in the fall, some brewery gigs downtown, and Art Mix at the Crocker for Halloween.”

CIP: “Do you guys have a favorite new release of the summer?”
TGS: “Lake Street Dive, the new Snoop Dogg, August Greene, and the new Childish Gambino”

CIP: “Being a local group, do you have a favorite place in Sac to hang out when you aren’t making music?”
TGS: “We’re often found at Shady Lady because a lot of our friends play there and our favorite thing to do is go see live music.”

Rituals of Mine

CIP: “How did you choose the name Rituals of Mine?”
ROM: “It actually came from a lyric. It’s in one of the songs that we wrote, and it just seemed to stick out.”

CIP: “What was your favorite thing about living in Sacramento?”
ROM: “I grew up in Sacramento, so I’ve lived here on and off for 25 years. My family is here. I really honed in on music living here, so my favorite part was that: having the ability, space, the affordability of living in a city where there are so many creative people.”

CIP: “What was it like to tour with The Deftones, another group from Sacramento?”
ROM: “Oh, they’re awesome. I grew up on those guys and on the music. There was so much pride, both of us coming from Sacramento and being fans of each other. It was a dream come true.”

CIP: “Favorite new release of the summer?”
ROM: “You know, as stereotypical as it might be, I’m listening to Drake right now.”

Be sure to check out the exciting talent that we host every Friday in the park. Concerts in the Park is free for all ages, and we hope to see you this week to enjoy all that Downtown Sac has to offer!

Check out more photos from the July 13th Concerts in the Park show:


Featured Photo Credit: Aaron Yabes (@aaronyabes)
Additional Photo Credit: Fred Fune (@tyfune818)
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