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Sacramento Philharmonic’s record-breaking season

Shea GuntherMaher

We couldn’t believe our luck when we were selected as one of the Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera’s Twitter Insiders for their 2015-2016 Resurrection Season. We hadn’t been there in years and, man, we were impressed!

Last fall, the Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera returned with a bold, innovative, and strong vision that resulted in a record-breaking season, including two sold out shows – and we made it to both of them.

Photo by @sheasgm

Photo by @sheasgm

Their Pops concert, Salute to John Williams, was the first sell-out show in more than 16 years and looked a lot like Comic Con with attendees dressed in Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter-inspired costumes. Oh – and galactic drink specials to top it off!

Photo by @GeorgeClaire10

Hearing the music of John Williams performed by a live orchestra transported you back into epic film favorites, like Harry Potter, ET, Close Encounters, Indiana Jones, and, of course, Star Wars. John Williams is a master composer, and our philharmonic delivers such dynamic performances.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “this doesn’t sound like my grandma’s philharmonic,” you’d be right. The Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera has transformed itself into a must-see entertainment venue on Saturday night.

Photo by @sheasgm

Photo by @sheasgm

Their season-closer was nothing short of enchanting with a jaw-dropping performance of one of the greatest musical scores of all time – Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9.

The famous piece containing “Ode to Joy” (click here to hear a live snippet) was composed when Beethoven was stone-cold-deaf. Talk about mind-blowing genius! The exceptional musicians of Sac Philharmonic offered a truly beautiful tribute to the piece with powerful sound and music mastery.

Looking ahead to their 2016-2017 season we’re promised impressive features such as Tchaikovsky’s Fifth as the Classic Series opener, along with The Pines of Rome!, Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons,” Beethoven’s Seventh, Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, and La Traviata rounding out the season. The Pop Series includes: Classical Mystery Tour featuring the music of the Beatles, The Music of David Bowie: A Rock Symphony, and Pet Sounds Live: A Beach Boys Celebration. These shows are sure to sell out, so get your tickets while you can.