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Sacramento Grid Must-Eats on Summer Break

Kendall Mar

With summer nearing its end and my return to college quickly approaching, I have one thing on my mind: FOOD. Aside from reuniting with family and friends, the ability to frequent my favorite Sacramento dining establishments is something that I consistently look forward to when coming home for school breaks. Eating out has always been one of my friend’s and my favorite activities. During our adolescence, we ate our way through the city one bite at a time. Inevitably, we established our clear restaurant preferences for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Now, with the clock winding down on our summer vacation, we are in a mad scramble to check these beloved eateries off our culinary bucket list one last time before scattering to different parts of the country.

Fox and Goose Public House

Kendall 1Known citywide for its simple, yet unbeatable breakfast, F&G has become a staple in my diet. During my high school years my friends and I frequented the pub as often as possible. We even deemed ourselves “The Breakfast Club”.

Its menu features all classic breakfast items including: pub grills, an extensive variety of omelets, mouthwatering waffles, and so much more. I, however, tend to lean toward one of the restaurant’s more unorthodox menu items, the Benedict Arnold. This dish is F&G’s take on classic eggs benedict. The only difference? It substitutes hollandaise for the pub’s house made Welsh rarebit cheese sauce. I usually order an extra side of the sauce—its that good. Add on a olallieberry scone with Devonshire cream and you will have one of the best breakfast experiences of your life.

Jack’s Urban Eats

This place holds some sentimental value as one of my all-time favorites on the grid. The trendy midtown location at 20th and Capitol is a hub for urbanites looking for a fresh and tasty lunch. Over the years, “Urban Fries” has become a regularly used phrase in my vocabulary and somehow, Jack’s always seems to be the go-to for lunch outings with my friends. Whether I am in the mood for a Kale and Quinoa Salad or a BBQ Tri-Tip sandwich with a side of Mac & Cheese, Jack’s never disappoints. As a bonus, the outdoor patio is the perfect place to spend your lunch breaks in the summertime.

Mikuni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Kendall 2When I feel like splurging a bit, Mikuni is always my first thought. This upscale and stylish restaurant located at 16th and J is a Sacramento hot spot. The undeniable buzz in the air combined with its amazing menu provides for a truly exciting dining experience. During Happy Hour I can’t resist the BBQ White Tuna. This dish features three pieces of grilled, rare white tuna accompanied by spicy BBQ red and white sauces. The combination is almost too good to be true. Usually, I’ll add an order of Freaky Edamame—a flavorfully seasoned take on traditional edamame. When it comes to sushi, you cannot go wrong with the “Incredible Roll”. Made up of various types of tuna, panko shrimp, avocado, sauce, masago and onion with a torched finish, this roll really is incredible. Sadly, as third-year college student, sushi is more of an infrequent luxury than a common go-to. However, given the choice, I would eat at Mikuni seven days a week.

Ginger Elizabeth

Kendall 3Dessert time. Chocolate lovers listen up! This small boutique style chocolate shop/bakery offers handmade delectable treats that will make you appreciate the little things in life. The shop has a chocolate menu featuring 20 different flavors including: Crème Fraiche, Maya Chile, Hazelnut Praline, and Lavender Caramel (my personal favorite).   While these petite treats have kept me returning to the shop for several years, its summer menu of frozen treats has quickly become my latest food obsession. I recently tried their salted caramel Parisian macaron ice cream sandwich – divine! I will definitely be paying Ginger Elizabeth another visit before returning to school.

While being away at college has its definite perks, I’ve come to find that home isn’t just where the heart is, but also where the stomach is.