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Rolling on the Big River

Sureena Johl

Yesterday evening, I was lucky enough to attend Big River at Music Circus. Prior to actually seeing the show, I had no idea what to expect – I just knew it was based on the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and let me be honest – I probably should have paid a bit more attention in school.

BIG_RIVER_03Throughout the entire show, I was 100% team Jim and I credit Phillip Boykin for that. This one man stole the stage – he had the range of emotions, voice, and an amazing chemistry with Huck, played by Ben Fankjauser. Speaking of Ben, he too did an amazing job. He did a great job adding a comedic element. Personally, I enjoyed when the play would pause for Huck to state his thoughts out loud.

Now onto the music. I loved it! My head was bobbing and my toes were tapping throughout the whole show – and to make it better, the music actually added to the storyline. I was also in love with the gospel music – I couldn’t help but feel the pain, hope, and eventual freedom that Jim and the other slaves felt. My favorite duet was when Huck and Jim sang “Worlds Apart” together. I couldn’t help but find it relevant to today. In a world with enough craziness there’s no need for hate.

In the words of Ellen DeGeneres – be kind to one another.

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