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Paint the Town: Wide Open Walls is Back!

Frankie Wenson

Wide Open Walls is back from September 10th-20th 2020 to fill our city with more beautiful and vibrant murals for everyone to enjoy! Each year, Wide Open Walls transforms the blank walls of #DowntownSac have transformed into life-size works of art in order to reach a wider audience. Whether you are driving into town for work, play or trip from out of town, you will not be able to miss one or more of the works of art that have been created year after year during the festival. Check out some of the newest art pieces in alleyways and on buildings all throughout the heart of #DowntownSac! You can give yourself your own guided mural tour online here and make sure to add your favorites by clicking the “add to my tour” button on their website!

Check out the 2020 Wide Open Walls murals in #DowntownSac:


Merchant Alley – 717 K Street



7th & Improv Alley



9th Street & Jazz Alley


555 Capitol Mall