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New Business Spotlight: Polanco Cantina

Frankie Wenson

If you are taking a stroll in #DowntownSac one of the places that might be on our list is to head over to Downtown Commons (DOCO). Whether it’s shopping, dining, heading to an event at Golden 1 Center or just going out for after work happy hour, DOCO is the place for you to hit all of your bases. Over the past couple of years, the area has been booming with new businesses popping up on every corner with one of the newest being Mexican restaurant Polanco Cantina.

Located on the second floor of DOCO plaza the eatery whose name was inspired by a district in Mexico City is your new destination for lunch, dinner and happy hour! The cool and extremely vibrant décor is the perfect atmosphere to hang out at every night of the week or before a Kings game or concert. Right when you walk in you can’t help but notice the colorful mural that takes up the whole wall on the righthand side of the restaurant. The mural is titled “Nacimiento de las Flores” which means “Birth of Flowers” and was created by muralist and graffiti artist, Senkoe. The artwork features the Aztec flower goddess, Xochiquetzal putting her hands over her eyes while different flowers and animals are placed all around her. If that isn’t enough to make you want to continue your way throughout the restaurant you will once that first smell of tacos fills your soul.

Polanco’s Executive Chef, Adam Carpenter is the master behind the kitchen where he creates all of the fresh Mexican cuisines with local ingredients that the farm-to-fork capital has to offer. If it is your first time, we recommend trying the Crispy Avocado Tacos made with fried avocado, black beans, chipotle aioli and pickled onion. They are the perfect combination of crispy and creamy filled with intense flavor that your taste buds will love! Another #DowntownSac favorite on the menu is the Croquettes made with Adobo braised pork croquettes over a black bean salsa, pickled red onion served with habanero sauce on the side. There are so many other amazing options to choose from such as the Frijoles Con Carne served with Rancho Gordo black beans, bacon, chorizo, Modelo beer, Oaxaca cheese and pork rind chips and of course no meal would be complete without some classic nachos! (Fun fact: all of the food we mentioned also happens to be part of the happy hour menu!)

After you are done deciding which options off the menu you are going to start with, it’s time to decide which drink is going to help you wash down all of that delicious food. They have a whole menu dedicated to their finest drinks including numerous margarita options. We recommend the Polanco Slushie which is frozen with Tequila Blanco, lime and agave nectar or the Prickly Peat made with Tequila Blanco, lime, agave nectar and prickly pear puree.

No matter what you order at Polanco Cantina you will get an amazing meal filled with fresh, colorful and immense flavor. Make sure when you go to share your experience on social media tagging @polanco_doco, @docosacramento and @downtownsac and let them know you stopped by!


Polanco Cantina

(916) 536-7250

414 K Street, Suite 240