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New Biz Spotlight: Sean Finnegan’s Pub

Frankie Wenson

Don’t worry…beer happy!

If you haven’t been to the Old Sacramento Waterfront lately, it’s time to stop by and experience everything they have to offer. From museum tours, retail locations and numerous dining options there is something for everyone to do at the waterfront! One of the newest hot spots on the block is Sean Finnegan’s Pub, but they aren’t the first pub to be at their location. The location was first home to a bank in the 1800’s called the Bank Exchange. Over the past 100 years the location has also been home to various pubs, bars and saloons alike catering to the people of Sacramento for decades.

When you stroll into the pub you feel like someone is watching you…and that’s because they are! If you look to your left you will notice one of the paintings on the wall of three men drinking beer and one of them have eyes that follow you. When you take a seat at the bar you can take a load off and treat yourself to some hot food and a refreshing beer to wash it down with. Some of their favorite beers on the menu are the Harp Beer that is an Irish Lager, Guinness which is an Irish dry stout and last but not least the Finnegan’s White that was brewed for the pub by Alaskan Brewing Company. If you are looking for coffee with a little extra kick then you need to try the Finnegan’s California Coffee. It is their favorite house drink made with Sacramento Coffee Company coffee and heavy cream along with Sonoma Bourbon Whiskey and the best part is you get a little branded logo on the top of your coffee that is perfect for you to take the best picture.

After you have ordered your drink it’s time to decide what to eat! You can start with one of their flavorful appetizers like a Hot Baked Pretzel, Beer Battered Onion Rings or our personal favorite the Irish Totchos with tots covered in melted cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream and chives. For the main course you can choose from one of their many slider options, they have everything from an Old School burger with just lettuce, tomato, red onions, mustard and pickles or the Big Kahuna made with swiss cheese, habanero Hawaiian sauce, lettuce, tomato and red onions along with other classic options for the burger lover. If you are having a hard time deciding we recommend the Irish Slider with sliced corned beef, lettuce, Guinness cheddar and…potato chips!  The chips are the icing on the cupcake adding the perfect crunch to their tasty burgers and you can’t go wrong with getting any of them. Finnegan’s is also fun for the whole family! They have a kid’s menu for kids under 15 who can choose from an Old School slider, PB&J slider or a corn dog all served with their classic French fries!

If you’re feeling lucky, or want to grab a drink or two with friends make sure to stop by the waterfront and head to Sean Finnegan’s Pub after work, on the weekends or any time in between to experience the ambiance, delicious food and unique drinks that they have to offer!


Sean Finnegan’s Pub

(916) 538-6367

1030 2nd Street