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New Biz Spotlight: NEO Escape Rooms

Frankie Wenson

Do you think you have what it takes to complete your mission in just 1 hour?

If you are up for the challenge then you need to head over to the Old Sacramento Waterfront and participate in an escape room like no other. NEO Escape Rooms is co-owned and created by Acme Lee and Gabriel Berzamina who won the Calling All Dreamers business competition with their idea back in 2018. With allowance by Sacramento County public health officials, their doors are finally open and they are taking reservations only with increased safety measures in place that you can find here.

If you haven’t participated in any kind of escape room before, think of it as a video game but in real life. Instead of controlling your players in the game you get to be the one immersing yourself in real life situations and puzzles that you need to complete before time runs out.

“Escape rooms are a new form of real life entertainment where players must work together as a team to solve a series of puzzles and win before time runs out” said Lee.

Lee and Berzamina were escape room enthusiasts before they became entrepreneurs. They have participated in every escape room Sacramento already had to offer and even traveled with their group of friends to nearby cities just to check out other escape rooms. That’s how their love for Sacramento and escape rooms came together to create: NEO Escape Rooms. One thing that they wanted to make sure their business had was a deep foundation in storytelling.

“Since all of our missions are Sacramento themed it does add to the realism of it. We also love Sacramento,” said Berzamina.

Photo Credit: NEO Escape Rooms

What is your mission you might ask? It is up to the players to help protect Sacramento’s past, present and future. The first mission you will be able to embark on is called Capitol Treasure.

When you participate in a mission at NEO Escape Rooms not only will you have an experience that is unforgettable but, you will create new memories with your friends and family that will bond you forever.

“Every escape room I have ever done I can remember each one. Where was, who I was with and the feelings that it evoked more so than other experiences. Every escape room is still vivid. I feel more connected with the friends and family and people that I went on those adventures with,” said Lee.

Book your reservations here and get ready for 60 minutes full of a heart-pounding secret mission complete with mysteries, clues and unforgettable memories!

NEO Escape Rooms
1124 2nd Street
Sacramento, CA 95814