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Music Circus: Cabaret, Cabaret, Cabaret!

Jordyn Anderson



Photo courtesy of Music Circus










“Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome, im cabaret, au cabaret, to cabaret!”

Music Circus does it again with an outstanding production of Cabaret. The show is glitzy, energetic, a bit dark and unintentionally mirrors parts of today’s political climate.

Photo courtesy of Music Circus

Photo courtesy of Music Circus

Set in 1931 Berlin, alternating between the risqué Kit Kat Club and a popular boarding house, the show takes you on an emotional roller coaster between high-kicking dance numbers and melancholic duets.

The production dives deeper into the tumultuous times than most will remember of the movie and touches more than a few sensitive subjects. Not so subtly, the poignant theme is the rise of Nazi fascism.

Strengthened by a powerful cast, performances by emcee, Robin De Jesus, and leading man and lady, Sally Bowles played by Kaleigh Cronin and Clifford Bradshaw played by Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, all actors had the crowd both roaring with laughter and stifling tears.

All and all, it was beautifully performed and produced and was equally amusing and unexpected.

Prepare for quite a show and don’t miss Cabaret!

Playing through Sunday, July 31, get your tickets here.