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Meet the Muralist: Jenn Ponci

Frankie Wenson

Sacramento is booming in color!

Almost every blank building wall downtown has been transformed into a work of art courtesy of local and out of town artists that want to leave their mark on #DowntownSac! It’s hard not to admire the beauty of the art that has taken the city by storm. One of the muralists who has contributed to the art scene has also created multiple works of art for #DowntownSac including murals to support the Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink, Concerts in the Park and our newest mural on J Street across from Cesar Chavez Plaza. Make sure to snap a photo as you walk by and tag @downtownsac and @Loveponci!

Meet Jenn Ponci, a lifelong artist who has made her mark on Sacramento by showcasing her work on numerous blank walls, venues and events for positive social causes. She studied under artist and teacher David Ewing for four years in Sacramento before branching out and moving to Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Portland and North Carolina. She returned to the golden state in 2009 to master a new form of art: tattooing, and ended up accomplishing the first known watercolor style piece on skin. Jenn has collaborated with other artists and has worked on solo projects that continue to radiate color and creativity wherever they are created.

Read more about Jenn below and make sure to check out all of her murals around town and beyond at or her Instagram @Loveponci

How long have you been painting murals?

I’ve been making art since childhood and using spray paint since the late 90’s, but it’s only been since 2012 when murals became a consistent focus. I joined forces with a homegirl at the time to make our famous exes jealous. It definitely didn’t work as well as we wanted, but I now live a life I truly love. Which is far more than a silver lining.

What is your favorite thing about having your art displayed in Sacramento?

I’m proud to have my work displayed on our walls. I feel like I’ve helped this art community grow- much like the other artists here, and people who pioneered this era of our thriving street-art culture.

What do you hope people take away from your art when they look at it?

Visually, I hope they see the clarity of the image from a distance. Up close, I hope they appreciate the little details and that something either interests them or spark ideas for their own life. Ideally, they will find some element of the painting that inspires or motivates them, strikes an emotion with a relatable experience or image, or that the positive energy infused into my work will leave a lasting impression.

Where can people find/see your art?

Downtown Sacramento Partnership has often supported me by commissioning temporary installments like the recent Concert in the Park promotion on J Street, and seasonal Ice Rink murals. I’m also grateful to have been chosen for a Wide Open Walls event last year. There’s a California themed painting featuring a realistic mama bear on the side of the Visit Sacramento building. You can see it on the corner of 16th and I streets across from memorial auditorium.

 For a full list of Jenn’s artwork and where to find it head over to

If you could only use one paint color for the rest of your life what color would it be?

It would be pretty tough to paint anything with one color, but blue on black has always been my go-to.


You can contact [email protected] with any inquiries about custom murals!