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Meet the Muralist: Tyson Roberts

Katie Almazan

Color, color, and more color, please!

Fresh on the streets is our new “Downtown is Calling” mural. With a common goal to add more vibrancy to downtown, we knew just who to call to get the job done. Meet Tyson, a self-taught artist and muralist based in Sacramento. He has been painting for over a decade and finds fulfillment in enriching the lives of others with his artwork.

His current studio works and murals are overflowing with vivid floral arrangements, botanical scenes and unique plants. The works are composed by layering color, line and bold saturated marks that coalesce into a crescendo of harmonies dedicated to the healing power of plants. Needless to say, his work is pure joy. Read more about Tyson below and be sure to check out his work on Instagram at @TysanThrobe or at

How long have you been painting murals?
I have been painting murals for about 2 years.

How many years have you lived in Sacramento?
I have lived here in Sacramento for almost 7 years.

How long did this mural take?
The “Downtown Is Calling” mural took 12 hours over the course of 2 days.

What currently inspires you?
Local plant-life and my daughters. 

Favorite downtown spot?
Mother (restaurant). 

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?
I’m working on new paintings for an upcoming art show in midtown. 

If you were paint, what color would you be?
I would be forest green.