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Meet the Bands: June 10

Sureena Johl

Come out and experience this week’s #CIP2016 line up! This group of bands are ready to rock out, hope you are too!

Authority Zero


Originally from Mesa, AZ Authority Zero takes the stage for the first time at Concerts in the Park. After breaking down musical barriers, the doors for this group keep on opening! Not only have they toured all over the US, they have also made international appearances in countries like Japan, Belgium, Spain, and the UK.

What’s the origin of your band’s name?

When we were younger we saw it on a bank screen, and the name had a defiant ring to it so it stuck.

What is one fun fact about you and your band?

We’ve been together over 21 years and still love it!

What is your favorite music venue in downtown Sacramento?

It’s not quite downtown, but we love The Boardwalk Sacramento.

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Another Damn Disappointment

Punk Rock

We are excited to welcome back ADD this year! They have released multiple albums, toured the country many times, shared the stage with the best bands in the business, and played thousands of shows since they formed in 2001. Along with sharing the stage with other bands, Another Damn Disappointment has also won some Sammies creating their own footprint in the music scene.


What food can you not live without on tour?

Beer and Jack in The Box’s jalapeño poppers.

How has your music evolved over the years?

It has gotten a bit heavier for some reason, but I think what we do best is the fun “stupid” kind of party songs.

Where do you plan on going after performing a concert in downtown Sacramento?

We always love going to Pre-Flite!

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Rock/Good Time Party Punk

O’Mulligans are a three-piece melodic rock ‘n’ roll band with an emphasis on humor. Drawing musical inspiration from groups such as the Descendents, Nerf Herder, the Vandals, Green Day, and the Ramones, this group brings the good time and an epic party to their performances! 


How did your band form?

We started this band in 2003 to play at a high school battle of the bands that never materialized. No one told us to quit playing, so here we are today.

What was the first gig you played?

We played a house party in 2003. After assorted breaks for higher education, our first real show was at Club Retro in 2008.

What is your favorite part of downtown Sacramento?

We love the nightlife, we love to boogie. We also love the great food and local music venues.

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Little Tents

Nominated this year for two Sammies, New Artist and Release of the Year for Fun Colors, the Little Tents are sure making their mark, or should we say “pitching their tent” because they are here to stay! Little Tents is opening this week, so make sure you’re out there to hear them.


What are you looking forward to at Concerts in the Park?

We are looking forward to playing a show out in the sunshine in our favorite little city on stage with our best friends. We have all been going to these shindigs since before we could legally drive, so it’s quite the honor to be on the other side of the barrier up on the stage.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

Hella (the band).

How has your music evolved over the years?

We have only been a band for about a year and a half, so we haven’t had much time to drastically evolve. However, we have been settling more and more into our own sound. We are currently writing our second record, and it certainly plays with time signatures and dynamics more than the last one. The songs are a bit more linear and chaotic, rather than poppy with typical verse-chorus-verse structures.

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My Cousin Vinny

Playing his funky melodies from the disco era, bass and beats from the 80’s electro scene, and the rhythms of current house music, My Cousin Vinny is sure to keep up the tempo of this weeks concerts!

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In one sentence, how would you describe your DJ sound?

It is high energy, feel good, eclectic sound type of sound.

What is one fun fact about you and your band?

I’m currently throwing several monthly parties around town. Follow me to find out more!

What’s the origin of your bands name?

One of the best movies ever (Can you guess?!)

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