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Meet the Bands: July 29

Kathryn DeGroot

You won’t want to miss this week’s #CIP2016 show. Come out for amazing food and beer alongside performers who without a doubt know how to turn up the volume for Concerts in the Park’s 25th Anniversary!

THIS JUST IN: joining this week’s lineup is world-renowned performance painter, David Garibaldi.

The Brodys


Longtime Concerts in the Park performers, The Brodys were an obvious choice as headliners of the second-to-last show. Not only do The Brodys promise a killer show, they know how to go out with a bang!

 What’s the origin of your bands name?

We named our band after Chief Brody in the movie “Jaws,” for no particular reason other than we liked the way it sounded.

Where do you plan on going after attending/performing a concert in Downtown Sacramento?

Old Ironsides.

What are some traditions/rituals that you/your band do before a performance?

Right before we go on, we always have a little pep talk and toast, like a team about to take the field.

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The J Band

Acoustic Beach Dance Rock

Originally from Sac, with their beach vibe and nods to Bob Marley and Bob Dylan, The J Band brings their sweet grooves to CIP, turning the volume up all the way to the end. This group has released multiple albums, is known for going on tour multiple times a year, and has filled a beach with thousands of people! Let’s welcome these guys to the CIP stage!


What is your favorite music venue in Downtown Sacramento?

Ruhstaller tap room.

What was the first gig you played?

First gig ever was at Borders bookstore in Davis, CA.

If you could collaborate with anyone (CIP performer or not) who would it be?

Michael Franti…it’d be a great combo.

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David Garibaldi

Performance Painter

Having grown up in South Sacramento, Garibaldi is excited to perform for the hometown crowd at CIP.

Garibaldi-[1]What made you want to perform at Concerts in the Park?

Concerts in the Park has become a platform for connecting the Sacramento community with art. It’s the perfect venue for the special show I have planned.

How did you discover your passion for music-driven art?

Growing up, I was inspired by “rock and roll painter” Denny Dent’s portrait of Jimi Hendrix in 2003.

What will you be painting at Concerts in the Park?

It’s still under wraps, but I’ll be painting three pieces and one will feature some of Sacramento’s most iconic images.


Bass Music

Returning for their second time, let’s welcome Trapacana to CIP! Every time Bass music DJ/Dance takes the stage, they bring the whole party including dancers, performers of all types, and a host to guide the crowd through it all. They can’t help but deliver an unforgettable, upbeat experience that never disappoints 

CIPpromoWhat is your favorite music venue in downtown Sacramento?


How has your music evolved over the years?

We have become more inclusive. We entertain a number of entertainers to entertain with us. It’s far more entertaining that way we’ve found.

What is your musical inspiration?

Having grown up in bass music culture we are all inspired by producers, DJ’s, MC’s, promoters from within and outside the bass music scene.

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 Joseph ONE

Current Sac Town resident DJ Joseph One will step up and be on the turntables with his dynamic beats that are going to keep the music loud all night!


What was the first gig you played?

Djing for performance painter David Garibaldi. (

What are you looking forward to at Concerts in the Park?

The people!

If you could collaborate with anyone (CIP performer or not) who would it be?


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Make sure to come out for the season finale show, August 5!