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Meet the Bands: July 15

Katrina Gober

There’ll be no shortage of creative talent at #CIP2016 this week as we celebrate Art Night with loads of interactive activities, installations, live painting and, of course, an impressive lineup of local musicians to wow you with incredible performances. Here’s a look at the talent…

Drop Dead Red


Returning to the CIP stage, Drop Dead Red’s powerful vocals over a solid, eclectic foundation of blues and love for classic rock sound will rock the stage. This band is made up of top-notch musicians who “bring it” to all of their shows, and leave the listeners wanting more!

What are some traditions/rituals that you/your band do before a performance?

Aside from band shots of Jameson, we huddle together and acknowledge our physical ailments, stressors, and anything weighing on our minds so that we’re letting go together and universally coming together to rock.

Drop Dead Red Photo 1What are you looking forward to at Concerts in the Park?

Making Sacramento proud and reaching a new audience! We want to excite Sacramentians and ignite the music scene!

What is one “fun fact” about you and your band? 

There is a cocktail named after us in Washington and there was a Drop Dead Red burger at Back 9!

For more Drop Dead Red visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and LIKE them on Facebook.


Hans & The HOT MESS


Inspired by their need for deep connection to the world around them and the people in it, Hans & The Hot Mess is ready to step onto the stage and move the audience with the group’s electronic soul. 

What’s the origin of your bands name?

It just flew off my tongue in a brain storming session and I liked the way it flowed. I had already been using HANS! as my name when playing solo and when I put the band together to represent those songs I was joined by bass player Miss Nyxi who also plays for our other band Joy and Madness. She’s a bit of a “hot mess” in all the best ways, so it worked. I thought the name would at least immediately imply a band that has fun, even if you’ve never heard the music

What was the first gig you played?

The Torch Club

Where do you plan on going after attending/performing a concert in Downtown Sacramento?

We will be going to Harlow’s after to perform at CIP for an epic afterparty! 

For more Hans & The Hot Mess visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and LIKE them on Facebook.


Pop/Funk/New Nostalgia

Founded in 2007 Poindexter has an awesome, catchy, collaboration of musical sounds and melodies that cradle your eardrums and vibrate your soul. 

What was the first album you ever bought?

Led Zepplin Volume 2 was the first album I ever bought.

What food can you not live without on tour?

We are always look for an In & Out and whenever we are in San Luis Obispo Firestone is a must, best tri-tip sandwiches ever!

What are you looking forward to at Concerts in the Park?

We are looking forward to putting on a musical experience that no one has scene before.

For more Poindexter visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and LIKE them on Facebook.

Soft Science

Dream Pop/Shoegaze/Indie Rock/Pop

With some familiar faces that make up Soft Science they are able to craft dream-pop songs infused with their own unique mix of sweetness and fury.


How has your music evolved over the years?

Our sound has drifted in the direction of being a little darker and moodier from originally being more pure pop. We also enlisted the help of our Hans Munz to add electronic elements into our songs, which we’re never done before and we think has really kicked some of songs up a notch or two.

What is your favorite music venue in Downtown Sacramento?

Good ol’ Old Ironsides.

If you could collaborate with anyone (CIP performer or not) who would it be?

Johnny Marr he is awesome!!

For more Soft Science go and listen to them on Soundcloud and LIKE them on Facebook.

DJ Zephyr

DJ Zephyr is ready to electrify the stage this week for all concert goers including playing electronic music for people that don’t like electronic music. He makes it work, and everyone is sure to feel the beat! 


Has your band played at Concerts in the Park before?

I have DJ’d CIP once before & I’ve played it with my band Element of Soul 3 times.

Where are other places that your band plays at?

Barfly, Dive Bar, Arco Arena, Inks, Starlight Lounge, Press Club

Other than performing at Concerts in the Park, what do you come to downtown on your own time to do for fun?

Music & Food

For more DJ Zephyr visit his website, listen to him on Soundcloud, and LIKE him on Facebook.