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The man behind the #CIP2016 mural | Arturo Romero

Kathryn DeGroot

Sacramento is chalk full of colorful public art that bring life to our bustling city. Tapping into the creative culture in Sacramento, muralists find ways to add pops of color to unexpected places. We were lucky enough to snag local muralist, Arturo Romero, to capture the epic-ness of the 25th anniversary of Concerts in the Park with a vibrant mural on J street.

Photo courtesy of TUBE.Magazine

Photo courtesy of TUBE.Magazine

To get some background on the piece and the artist himself, we caught up with Arturo for a little Q & A.

Downtown Sac: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Arturo Romero: I am a husband, father, son, brother, artist, and a man of intrigue.

DS: How did you get started in the wonderful world of art?

AR: As a child, I was very creative. About four years ago I moved into a studio on J Street. That was a pivotal moment in my career. Since then, I have gone to work on several art projects in and around Sacramento.


DS: What made you want to do a mural for Concerts in the Park and how did you come up with your concept from start to finish?

AR: The opportunity was too good to pass up so I applied and fortunately my design was accepted. My style of art is very cartoon oriented, vibrant, and colorful. Drawing on that, my concept revolved around crowds having fun and most of all colors dominating the image. Incorporating Chip, the mascot, was also fun. I anchored the image around Cesar Chavez Plaza, the surrounding buildings, trees, and the main stage.

DS: Where do you draw your inspiration from for your murals?

AR: I find inspiration from several iconic cartoon characters like Rocky & Bullwinkle and The Simpsons. Other local artists also inspire me. Ultimately, inspiration is always different, but the goal for me is to draw the viewer in to the image by using colors and simple themes that people can easily relate to.

DS: Why do you think art is such an important aspect in a city like Sacramento?

AR: Sacramento is slowly turning into a mecca of art so it is important to me to capture the attention of native Sacramentans that allude to subtle reminders of why this town is so special. The importance of public art will be even more evident as the arena brings diversity to the K Street corridor. We need people to have pride in their city, which brings positive vibes to the residents and visitors.

DS: Any new projects on the horizon for you?

AR: Several. I have a few murals I’ll be working on during the summer in West Sac and a few on 16th & T streets. I am always jumping at the opportunity to work on my craft while bringing art to an otherwise blank space. Stay tuned for podcasts, murals, shirts, stickers, and art shows – coming soon!