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Lunch break refresh

Kathryn DeGroot

If you’re like me, chances are you sit behind a desk all day doing various activities that can become monotonous over time. Although I love my job, sometimes you just need a break from the routine. I use my lunch break to recharge so I can kick ass on the second half of my day, and you should too. Here are some of my best-kept secrets on how you can refresh your lunch break because we don’t want that to become repetitive, too.


Rock the art walk: get your creative juices flowing with a little inspiration from some public art in Downtown Sac. Venture out on the grid to see murals on buildings, art installations in buildings and statues in parks. For a great walking tour check out this map from the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission.

Picnic in the park: grab a bite to eat at one of our many Downtown eateries or throw it back to a brown paper bag lunch. Head out to one of the many parks in the area; you’ve got a plethora to choose from: Cesar Chavez Plaza, Capitol Park, Old Sacramento 1849 scene, Fremont Park or Roosevelt Park. Soak up the Vitamin D, baby! And, if you’re a day walker like me, lather up with sunscreen before you head out.

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Burn, baby, burn: the experts say one of the best ways to reboot on your lunch break is by getting in a good workout. Heck, it’ll save you time after work to indulge in some happy hour libations. Swing by the Dailey Method, 24 Hour Fitness, Cal Fit on K, or the good ol’ outdoors to get your sweat on.

Hidden gems: sometimes you just need a little alone time to regroup and collect your thoughts. Downtown Sac has some pretty inspiring places where you can do just that. My go-to’s are the Chinatown courtyard at 4th & J, the rooftop park at 7th & N and sometimes I even sneak off to the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria for some quiet time.11148590_752912138163061_7293777737439991830_n

Satisfy your sweet tooth: for those of you that aren’t into working out, which tends to be me more times than not, grab a little sugar to get you through the afternoon. Andy’s Candy Apothecary has some seriously addicting stuff – my favorite being the berry bricks, can you say yum?! With the weather getting warmer, a nice cool treat may do the trick. Vampire Penguin, one of Downtown Sac’s newest establishments, has some mind-blowing creations, just ask our friends at Girls on the Grid.