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Local Hops, Local Brew

Shea GuntherMaher

If I had an ice cream every time I heard someone say “local” ingredients/produce…well then, I would be VERY chubby (and happy cuz I love ice cream). Point is- “local” is the new “organic.” It’s what people strive for when they go grocery shopping and peruse farmer’s markets.


Photo by @ruhstallerbeer

So, how about beer? Is it possible to get brew crafted from 100% locally sourced ingredients? Turns out to be a difficult feat since, until recently, hops were primarily grown in the Pacific Northwest. That’s where our beloved Sacramento craft brewery Ruhstaller comes in. Originally founded in 1881 by Captain Frank Ruhstaller, Ruhstaller Brewery has established 2.5 acres of farmland devoted to growing California hops and barley for their beers. Translation: local hops, authentically local brew.

Want a taste? Our friends from Girls on the Grid recently visited Ruhstallers downtown tap room. Read their review after sampling some local sippers.