Downtown Sac

Keep it Cool in Downtown Sac

Jordan Alwood

Step into the life of Downtown’s Digital Media Coordinator, Jordan Alwood, and explore her summer favorites!

Summer is my favorite season – enjoying the sun, endless trips to buy ice cream, and late-night car rides with the windows down are the things that make this season so special to me. However, I’m not a huge fan of sweating or being in the heat unless I’m submerged in water. So if you’re like me and want to enjoy the summer season while staying cool, then this blog is for you.

Relax by the pool

Photo Credit: @revivalatthesawyer

Visit Revival at The Sawyer hotel for a swim in their gorgeous rooftop bar. As you take in the views from The Kimpton Sawyer’s rooftop pool and Revival’s ever-changing scene, sit back, relax, and drink craft cocktails or sample seasonal small foods. During the day, relax in the pool or on private shaded daybeds while soaking up the Sacramento sunshine. You can also enjoy poolside yoga, live music, and other intriguing daily programs. Take in all the action while striking a pose or simply relaxing in luxurious bungalows with club-level service.

Scream for ice cream

Photo Credit: @dmcicecream

Yes, I am screaming for ice cream. If I can’t go swimming, this sweet and refreshing dessert always saves me from the heat and cools me off. Devil May Care has ice cream and frozen yogurt ranging in all kinds of flavors. There are also vegan options, so if you’re allergic to milk like me, they’ve still got choices for you!

Grab a beer at Concerts in the Park

Photo Credit: Laina Andrade

Free music + cold beer = me happier than ever. I was never good at math, but this formula is proven to keep you cool and survive the heat. Concerts in the Park is a FREE concert series in the heart of #DowntownSac and open to anyone and everyone of all ages. If you’re 21+ you can enjoy our refreshing cocktails, chilled wine, or ice-cold Budlight beer. Visit Cesar Chavez every Friday night from 5-9 PM until July 29 and enjoy free music with your friends and family.

Get on a boat!

Photo Credit: @sacbrewboat

The Sac Brew Boat allows you to stay cool on the water and burn some calories so you can earn that ice cream. Cruise, pedal, and party on the water all day long. Reserve the cycle boat for up to 16 passengers or the Tiki Boat for up to 18 passengers. Enjoy free music, bar stops on the American river, and refreshments with your friends!

Some last-minute tips

Most important way to stay cool this summer is to take care of yourself! Drink tons of water, wear sunscreen in direct sunlight and make sure you’re getting shade and rest when needed. Enjoy summer and #DowntownSac by staying safe and enjoying these activities.