How to Dine Downtown

Frankie Wenson

We have a New Year’s resolution for you: Broaden your horizons and try to eat at more restaurants downtown!

Starting January 11th, you have the opportunity to participate in Sacramento’s 10-day culinary celebration Dine Downtown, where 35 restaurants will be offering a special 3-course menu for only $35. With so many delicious choices to choose from it could be overwhelming to think about where to start but we have a few questions for you to answer to help narrow it down:

Step 1: Is there a restaurant that you have been dying to try but haven’t had the opportunity? Or are you looking to re-visit an old favorite?

Photo: Esquire Grill


Step 2: What kind of food have you been dreaming about? American, Italian, Mexican, Seafood, French, Mediterranean, we have options to satisfy all your cravings!

Photo: Skool Japanese Gastropub


Step 3: Do you have any dietary restrictions? Some of the restaurants have vegan options to!

Photo: Mayahuel Tequila Museo

Step 4: The ambiance in a restaurant can be a deciding factor in where you would like to dine. A nice candlelight dinner for two? A much-needed girl’s night out? Looking for a fun atmosphere to keep the kids occupied? We have you covered for every occasion!

Photo: Cafeteria15L


Step 5: You have made it to the easiest step of all… Just let the menus guide your way and make the choice that much simpler!

If you need more of a reason to indulge in Dine Downtown, know that you are eating for a cause. One dollar from every meal served will be donated to social services and food literacy programs.

Since launching in 2005, Dine Downtown has provided a significant boost to Sacramento’s expanding dining scene generating $422k last year and donated $13.5k to the community.


Dates: January 11-21, 2019

Price: $35 for 3-course meal

To Benefit: Social services and food literacy programs in Sacramento